Once again, the train trip, they say that people get used to everything, but Lena was sitting in the compartment, and it seemed that everything is so zadolbalo that was terrible. No, of course, in his youth it was like nothing, not even liked the new places of the city, people, communication, dating, well, with all of this of course sex is a pleasant part of new acquaintances. And just to tired to go now, trains, hotels, work, running, maybe it's just some kind of fatigue, it is necessary to be on vacation to get away and relax, but at home, or in a village to the relatives, there is no fuss quietly. These thoughts move to the head, Lena.
It is a pretty woman of about forty, life is adjusted, as indeed, for all, family, husband, daughter, an adult, apartment, job, well, all right.
If Lena began to remember and tell their family life, it would have happened like this.
Before her marriage she was the right girl, and married a virgin, so in fact it was made, and she to regret about anything she could not because, like do not know the other. As the pregnant immediately, she bore a daughter, and family life flowed, it was to her right. When the daughter grew up, staged in the garden, and Lena went to work. They all went to another level, an attractive young woman, short skirts, open blouse, drew men's eyes like a magnet, the first party at work came to fruition, from the man's attention. Know the company, wine, good mood, music, dance, nice man, intoxicated feeling, talk, compliments, a hug, a kiss, a gust of passion, so everything is great, and sex in the back, a surprisingly pleasant exciting, do not care about all morality, when there are so mesmerizing and requires your nature.
Lena, then thought she was so guilty, because my husband is not guilty, and his daughter, and if so it would have to go, tear down everything and start all over again with another ... But the blame first feeling quickly passed, all was settled, the more new lover did not suffer feelings and was not going to call her to him, so it was just the attitude of a love adventure. Nevertheless, she liked to experience the feeling, and sex, it is important that you liked Elena. Then of course they have cooled, the relationship became lethargic, became less passion, but left attached to the flesh. Yes, everything comes to an end, if there is a beginning, but it gives a boost to the next step in the future. And so it happened, there were many men, all lusty want and spun one and the other, so it's like Lena, it has become a taste, and obtain for himself, just for yourself ...
As time went on, things change, often for the Lena began to go on business trips, and it gave its advantages. In another city it or who did not know you could afford more, relax. As it happens, trip, hotel, restaurant, love, man, well, open relationship, not to non-binding, but give full of impressions, feelings of pleasure. And so it happened, the house she is a good wife, a mother worthy of respect for family, friends, and when she is with a lover, or going on a business trip, she passion, ready for anything, full of inner fire, hidden in a woman and glow in a homely atmosphere, and flares the wind of freedom is not visible to friends. All the more so, her husband eventually lost interest in sex, and Lena just came to talk to business bed.
Yes Lena loved when her well-fucked, she chose in life you have to try everything, and why not, because good does not happen much, for this simple truth she tried everything so fucking say in all the cracks, and even with several at once, on the whole fucked her night different guys, so tired that barely reached his room. But all this did not affect the work she has always done its job properly on this it valued and respected colleagues and superiors. Lena away was a she liked to catch yourself lustful glances and smile in response to banal compliments, accept invitations to the restaurant when the men broke away from the family are so steep and generous in all respects, and the bed just like the last time as hungry pussy for years. Peasants Lena picked at her age so loved, and only went public members not Lena had seen during this time, and each in its own good in fact and the application of any there.
And now she was going to work in another city, where they have connection with her now, and should be the presence of a representative from their side. Well Lena woman of about forty, dark hair, the hair just below the shoulder, the growth medium, the second the size of the chest, the body in the order, the legs at the hips plump but it is like a man and make beautiful any woman. For a Lena watched, because it is for all women is not just the sound we must always look, and that she was able to, because it is always noticed.
Well, that's the feeling of tiredness and lethargy as the dim, but not quite, just at the thought about men grew excited. The coupe was only three, she and her companions a woman and her son of fifteen, she was reading and the boy lying on top of listening to music from the phone and pomatyval footed, chewing the cud. Soon to be a great stop will have to go buy something to read, and even boring way to look through the window. Ten minutes later the train stopped at a large station, Lena took on the car asked how many conductors will be forty minutes is enough to walk around and see Piron there in tents. Tents flock not far from passing and Lena bought a fruit, and began to choose what to read, books of detectives and novels bored and read them there was no desire.
Lena began to rummage in journals with jaundice, for easy reading, she chose about scandals of the stars and all this crap, and the seller of a young man shoved a couple of some publications with vague names similar price and Lena took so choose not particularly like. Walking through Piron, Lena went to the car, and went to her compartment, laying out shopping, magazines tucked under the pillow and undressed sat talking with a fellow traveler, the train started, and they drove away, the town of Lena gathered fruit, and took a clean package, went to wash fruits . Returning Lena climbed to his seat with his legs, is conveniently located, she skimmed through the magazine, looking at pictures and reading the headers, the yellow press as usual full of nonsense and all sorts of tall tales about the stars of our platform, two magazines were those other two, who slipped the guy dealer, they were not images, they contain articles and stories erotic plan, the articles were of different content.
Lena even more embarrassed and glanced at the neighbors but everyone was on the drum that she reads. Lena, with interest began to read, biting fruit and shifting on the juicy moments looking at the woman and her son, so continue to read Lena, these tales have brought so that she even got wet, and blushed. Though in appearance attention to it or who do not pay, it seemed to her that her mind was clear that she was excited, her nipples hardened and stuck through her bra and blouse could be seen their excitement, and she flushed and on the face, blush all manifest . When served tea, Lena distracted, I calmed down, they all had a bite that was, who gathered with them, Lena, and Tamara, was the name of a neighbor, just chatting about nothing, a boy named Roma, it is chewed, not paying attention to them. Although one thing Lena why that drew attention.
Tamara and Lena, were picked up his feet on the shelf, Tamara, shifting to make it easier was picked robe, the slightly parted, and rode up a little higher, Tamara did not pay attention to eating and talked with me, and looked at Roma chewing delicious thighs mother. Lena peripheral vision could not fail to notice the guy obviously staring at her feet, and he looked at her and apparently compared. While Lena was in sweat pants, they are so snug her legs and tucked, bulging to the pope, Hollow print panties, it is to be seen and he looked into my eyes, looking something on her, then at his mother. Dine Lena went to the toilet, washed her hands and pee, lay back, rested, soak, Tamara was already dozing ... turned to the wall, Romka walked through the carriage. Lena took a second magazine, it is necessary to see that there, in the beginning there was a great article on the classification of the female vagina, Lena read carefully trying to compare her pussy on a class. And next, Lena, even embarrassed, but took my interest.
Women there eblis in full with dogs, horses and even an orangutan with a story. Lena was startled, but that it has initiated so lifted all at the bottom pussy moistened. Then there was more interesting about the young children as mature boys and girls, Lena read carefully learning many new things. The boys then so eager that they are ready if the right approach, to fuck a lot and for a long time, men on Viagra is only capable of, but if approached with a mind so we can coach you will do for the woman he loved that she wants. Lena read, tossing and turning, her hands shook with impatience to know more, it was struck by how many young guys drochat and poured semen, which just got dreaming, in the thoughts of a woman every which only pass away in his head, age and appearance sometimes does not value.
Next came the stories about the various, situation, and the girls with the men and boys with women of different age groups and plan and incest that made only tempting, even a grandmother with grandchildren and Grandpa with grandchildren. Lena, reading looked at the guy and wondering how he fucks his mother, and most of its plants like he fucks her as they kiss, he sucks her breasts, pressing her soft very young body, licking her pussy, clit he stands it sucks and language plays with him. Lena started by releasing the magazine, she looked on the top shelf where lay Roma and provided she sucks him. Member of the youth is not big, and so gentle, pubic hairs in the not so many and they are so soft, prick his dick, she licks the prick has a gentle, she swallowed, licked his lips. All I can no longer, thinking, reading postponed under the pillow and go to the toilet and I'll go to the side to go to sleep. Taking a couple of napkins Lena, I went to the toilet.
Lena dropped his pants, pee, so nice facilitated, moistened cloth Lena, held on leach podtirayas touching the clitoris, ran a sweet wave at all boiled nutria. Lena stood up, put one foot taller, putting a hand towel and walked through the pussy, dipping a finger inside, then the other, so have suffered pussy, taking fingers, a champing secretions. I closed my eyes and threw back his head back slightly, Lena opened her mouth a little, licked her lips, imagining the Roma, a boy of fourteen years, then he would have been caressing her. Looking at it from the bottom, he licked across the pussy, then another, and stay clung tighter trying to penetrate deeper into the language.
Yes, I whispered Lena, deeper, here's more. Continuing, he spread out his hands to help her sponge fingers in the hand to penetrate deeper into the pussy, Lena moaning. Then he went up the cunt, and sucking clit with two fingers entered her, that's even deeper and sucking clit, harder and language so quickly in a circle, and then biting his lips sucking it. Lena rubbing the clitoris with great speed, ready to finish. Here he is jerking her fingers quickly and so sweet licks, striking language of the clitoris. Lena cums moaning and spout juice directly on the Roma as it had imagined, so well to shiver in the hands and feet of the body. Recovering, she podterlas a damp cloth, and dry, pulled his pants pomylas and went into the compartment. Entering, she glanced at the guy and pretty smile, said to myself, thank you baby was nice. Lena climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly turning over the thoughts, so sweet.
Lena woke up in the morning at nine o'clock in the morning, Tamara brought them tea, sweet Lena reached remembering that she dreamed as a strange and sweet dream from which ached inside. She dreamed that it was surrounded by a lot of boys of all ages, from 15-16let to 13-12, and one 9 years old to lick her all the harder, and fucked her hand, all nutria pussy ached so nice, I write. Lena got up quickly, took a towel and all for the morning toilet and went to the toilet, the queue was not that pleasantly pleased. Lena finished with toilet, took place in a compartment, they drank tea, chatted with Tamara, three hours later, they arrived at the place. Lena took out cosmetics led myself up slowly and then gathered all that laid in the road, magazines Lena took to read at your leisure, then that so intrigued her. For half an hour, Lena went to the toilet again, that would change so as to go to the reception to the subcontractors did not want in a sports suit. Lena always looked elegant, feeding themselves nicely, so she was used to. Body stockings, shoes with heels, a gray business suit, knee skirt, white blouse, jacket, fitted, taking the hair and straightening all Lena tapping heels entered the compartment and sat down on the seat.
Romka immediately glanced at the beautiful woman's legs, but this skirt crept up, opening the knees and the legs above, it looked so beautiful. Lena said to myself that it is so pleasant to the attention paid to it, it is a boy, and that he lustfully looked at her feet, but when it is to masturbate, he will remember me and my feet. Lena, smiling, imagine turning over in his head how he Fingering her and spread her legs wider, as far as allowed skirt, giving the guy a space for imagination. Approaching Lena pulled the bag out of the shelf, and was prepared to go out, opened the door and put the bag to the door, sat down again. The train stopped, and Lena said goodbye to fellow travelers, went to the exit, coming from the station, Lena caught a taxi and went to the company. Having settled all matters Lena, I learned that you can live in an apartment on the organization and agreed, it is even more convenient. Her, spent secretary, showing that like leaving the keys, warned that tomorrow at 11 waiting for her at the meeting.
Lena walked through the apartment, looking around. Well all decent, nice and neatly. The apartment is on the fifth floor, one bedroom, kitchen, bath, toilet, everything was home, in the room a large sofa, wardrobe, nutria in bedding, towels, pillows, a pair of terry robes, TV set in the corner, and even a trellis, it's okay. Kitchenette is quite decent, even a microwave oven and coffee maker, refrigerator empty. Bathroom very clean, but empty, no, of course, soap, foam bath, towel all present. Lena brought the bag in the closet, and decided to just run to the stores that would buy everything you need. The store Lena as any woman has done little more than wanted, was so pleased with some of the things that she could not resist and were pleased with themselves, even my daughter and her husband perepalo, picking up gifts.
Food drop, Lena returned to the apartment, leaving the purchase on the couch Lena went into the kitchen and include a refrigerator, thrown back and put all the coffee went to recruit a bath, everything was so great. Lena was in a good mood, the bath was ready, on TV music channel, nice, completely undressed, Lena took her shampoo and pomelkav, looked out the window, and went to wash off the road. Soak in the bath is always nice, relaxed rested, then on toes, padded, taking his stanochek, it is necessary to keep the pussy gentle, caring shave. When finished, Lena opened stopper in the bathroom, and include rain, his head singing soap. The soft terry-cloth robe, towel on head, county drinking coffee, looking at the street, then slowly dried hair dryer. There is obviously easier and more convenient in an apartment than a hotel. Lena got up an hour nap, intercepted, drank coffee.
Throwing off his robe, trying on the purchase, considering all sides in the mirror, so cool, no need to dress up, go yourself naked, gathering all that is left is not right from the package, Lena went folded all in the trash, it is necessary to make, and then complete home so too lazy to do it, and then do exactly nothing. Lena wearing a robe, carried the bucket to the door wearing brought slippers opened the door and went to the site, where she had seen the garbage disposal. On the windowsill sat the boy, he obviously just put out a cigarette, hiding it, Lena went on the flight, and spoke to him. You live here, tell me, where do you take out the trash, but ... I do not know, and who knows what. The guy jumped up and said in a hoarse voice hesitating. Actually we've got is not working and take out containers in the bottom at the entrance.
Thanks for the tip, I'd have fallen down the court. Lena poshlёpala pyatami the stairs to the bottom, dropping litter, Lena went back guy sitting on the ground. Lena, stepping up a notch, opening the knee robe floors, and so it turned out that robe, flinging, bares her leg almost completely. Lena covered, catching his hand, thinking that she was without panties, it was all fun for her. The guy looked at her, Lena felt it. Lena went looking past him, the guy looked away, closing the door Lena went into the kitchen, giggling like a girl from an elevated mood. Damn, because I like Durra before him paced, and he's only sixteen, maybe it's me, absolutely gone mad, but so cool, we had yet to be covered with a bathrobe, let it be opened and show the guy your pussy that nothing, or something I, shaved clean. Lena, so funny, and start, like, delight, jump. Pussy, wet, and wanted something.
Lena opened the refrigerator and took out a package of cucumbers chose a suitable, went to the bath, opened the hot water put under it and took cucumber soap lathered them abundantly, wash it with soap and water. Coming into the room Lena took a pillow and pulled out the sofa bed cooked, put the pillow cucumber and cream, thinking, ran to the door and closed on the chain. Satisfied she dropped the robe, left naked, dumped near the remote, lay on his back, looking at the telly, stroking himself. Excitation grew from Lena fancy coming to mind. She remembered the boy in the train as it was possible to seduce him, and in the toilet to do anything with him, and how he would masturbate, recalling her legs, and the guy on the court, if untwist it, in his youth he protrahaet it many times and prososet as follows. Lena flowed already fully opened pussy, she fingers podrachivala himself poking fingers in the pussy, then passed on who gets the clitoris, fingering his gently.
It has been not terpёzh, Lena took a cucumber, one hand holding his foundation, the other, as if podrachivaya him, clutching his chest. From the hot water he became tepid and soft, Lena played with him as with by a dick. Forcing him cream, Lena rubbed it, smearing the cream as follows annexing pussy, drove, enjoying the touch of the object of love. Then slowly, bending his legs, enjoying the process, insert it, stopping filed back again into itself, so deeply, pushing the uterus, bringing such pleasure. And slowly, continued to fuck herself cucumber, eyes closed fingering, fantasy, boys, enjoyment led to increasing desires and movements became sharper and faster, second hand stroking the clitoris, all that began to turn.
Lena moaning just fucked yourself cucumber, fingering clit, no longer holding back emotions just fucking surrendering imaginary lover, or even two. Conch it violently, moaning, bent over the body, twitching in the storm of orgasm. Lena lay long, relaxed, and not deriving from cucumber pussy. But everything has its time, and write need to go to the toilet, standing Lena watched as the fruit of love is sticking out of her lustful village, taking out, Lena shuddered as pleasure ran through the rest of the body, the whole slimy cucumber shone. Lena turned, got up and tiptoed into the tub put him there, ran to the bathroom and pee gone, washed away and rinse lover. Resting, Lena spent the rest of the day with a meal and again before going to sleep soak in a bath Lena kicks on before to sleep.
I woke up in the morning at eight, get enough sleep, as it should, everything is just great, well, as always, coffee, bath, wash your hair, put everything in order, to stroke, to make up, hairstyle at all. By eleven have a lot slowly how to make it.
Already ten Lena left the apartment, the guy was sitting on the window again, neither left he was topless, and his body was so young and beautiful, so Gorny, Lena ran down to greet him. Noon Lena gave herself to work, the paper talks, agreements, solve the problem, nudnyak. Dine went into the dining room next door, well, even delicious. By the evening all the fuss died down and slept. Lena went to the apartment quietly, enjoying the warm May evening, I went to the store, cheese, sausage, and a bottle of dry, so wanted to relax, ah, how not two bottles handy. Slowly Lena entered the staircase, rising, she heard the sounds through an opening in it was clear that the little fellow again, sitting on the window, Lena purposely did not pull up her skirt, gathered between the legs above the knee.
Having caught up with him, she looked straight at him, saying, cute, and still very young, and smiling said. Did you sleep here and that if all the time you meet here, does not look like such a bum. The guy smiled, jumped down onto the floor. No, I've been living out of our apartment, near you. And ... well, sit. Lena passed by, he turned to him, his back slightly povilivaya booty. The apartment Lena completely undressed by typing in the water bath, opened the bottle and poured herself a glass of cheese emptied, the second she took a bath, as well as the bottle. Lena did lay basking, sipping wine, resting with his eyes closed, remembering why that guy from the window sill, hand slipped to the lower abdomen, Lena began to fondle himself, hot water, hand slid so nice. Ten minutes Lena nezhilas until few drinks is not got the idea, but I'm not at home or even in your city it is necessary to think.
Lena got up took a sip of wine finishing his glass and looked at the bottle is half, so much so I can one cut down, getting up, she took a towel turned out of the bath, on the court slammed the door loudly. Lena went to the room on the sofa took off his robe and towel and wiped wearing bathrobe, going to the mirror she loosened her hair and her hair gathered. Looking at himself, he began to talk to her reflection. Yes, I like this one, this washed disappears, cleanliness and beauty, cosmetics and Lena took a quick lead in the face of the order, so the hair left. Well, it is necessary to come up with an excuse, well, well, whatever, just be it. Almost cried at the thought which came to mind. Lena went to the kitchen, everything is great, I rummaged in drawers, she found, which are spare bulbs, and turned off the light in the kitchen, it was a bit dark, but it is clear enough.
The lamp just above the table, Lena took a towel and climbed on the table, wrapped his hand, she Remove the light bulb, got off and walked into the room much protryasla it and looked at the light. Yes, that's so shaken, and now it will be possible to ask for help to change a light bulb. Lena singing a melody of joy, ran to the kitchen to screw the bulb in place to ask for help. Having done all she poured a little wine drunk and broke off a chocolate recovered, inducing beauty at home simply and openly sexy. Lena went to the door and listened peering through the peephole looking out for a Man, in the hopes that he post on your favorite, and it was he was sitting, smoking, playing on a mobile phone. Lena, tuning and reassuring myself that all I want and point, make a serious, inquiring face opened the door.
The guy quickly put out and threw a cigarette, Lena did not outraged because it is a young feeling of fear as a reflex. That's good that you're here, what's your name. Arthur, my name is. He answered, jumping on the floor. Then it was easy to Lena, she has already set for itself the goal, and it was safe. Arturchik, you help me, I'm here not at home, and where to go I do not know I have it in the kitchen lighting is probably burned out, help, go look, there are other there, and I'm not able itself. ... Well let's go, I'll try. Arthur did not hesitate, but rather felt, fit, as a man, on the subconscious. The apartment Lena immediately locked the door and held Arthur in the kitchen, vanity, Lena and talk how she will remain without electricity in the kitchen. Arthur took elementary replaced slippers and a light bulb and that's how everything is fine and well. Lena since sold ... in the words of gratitude, and without taking denials suggested that the boy now it gives to his tea, with all the offered sweets, etc. etc., he is a little embarrassed, she sat him down and put the kettle on the gas.
How nice that you were at the site, and then I'd like a blind here Masta, and what you really sit there all, yes smoke here, if you want. And he went banal questioning on the part of the Lena, as if she had not become so recklessly pitch in question, the conversation would not go and avail it were not. From questioning Lena learned that he sits there nothing else to do, because the hurt and the school does not go, he's fifteen years old, and he lives with his mother in a neighboring apartment, and all the little things. Lena so enthusiastically took all, and said that she thought that he was no longer, and he it was immediately likeable than the confused guy. Tea creaked, and Lena poured him tea, then, just as with the man, turning to Arthur, in fact, she acted as the article placing young boy as an adult.
Listen, and let dry wine, it is not strong, well, since you acted like a man, well, actually I should also thank you enough, and I'm with you, and that one is not interested. Even without waiting for an answer Lena, poured it into glasses and pushed him a glass, she just sipped. Arthur sat on a stool, removing dense legs under the table, Lena sat sideways, but the seating area on the edge of it, and held out his glass to clink glasses. Come Arturchik drink, a little can you do to help me so, and for such an unexpected and pleasant acquaintance. Arthur took the glass and they clinked glasses, and otpili guy a little embarrassed, Lena put the ashtray on the table and offered him a cigarette to completely disarm the guy, so that he felt like an adult. She crossed her legs, as if unaware of the floor gave the robe fall exposing her leg a little more, continuing to question him about the city, places, every little thing, occasionally clinking glasses and sipping a little wine.
Arthur was sitting, talking, drinking wine, smoked, he was free to speak with this woman, he looked at her bared legs. Lena knew that tightening will not with his hands, then everything will be pulled too long. She tucked his feet under him, not adjusting gown, so that Arthur offers a great view of her thighs and ass part, even could be seen that she was without panties, flashed by a pussy during movement. The conversation went, harder, from Arthur, he stammered, looking at these types, and fidgeted on the stool like sitting on pins and needles. Lena knew he sees that the guy got up on it, and it's so happy, she is already excited, too, and wanted more. During these conversations, they drank two glasses and Lena have started up to complete, asking about girls and relationships at school Arthur as he could answer. Lena, dramatically lowered both feet on the floor placing the glass on the table, and both halves of the gown broke up, opened her thighs and crotch and part of the stomach, this type of missed and Arthur, he saw, not looking at such beauty.
Shaved, narrow strip of hairs, little was visible, mixed by dense, smooth female, such beautiful legs, folds smooth transition at each other. Lena slowly adjusted her robe, Arthur took blushing glance. You like all this, do you Arturchik. Arthur did not know what to do with his eyes, blushing even more. Further it has been easier. What are you, Arthur, you do not do so frightened. Lena stood up walked over to him and stroking the soft hair, crouching on his knees squeezing between him and a table, a stool reluctantly moved, Lena took this place. Shifted to make it easier, she felt the his stand-up, young, a hard dick. And not a word without saying just began kissing it, embracing so passionately and tenderly that he could not respond back, so even though clumsily, but it makes it even more desirable for her.
She has already got used to it and, without losing time, took his hand, put it on the bare thigh itself, lifting, stroking, over his hand, sent higher and higher to the sweaty pussy, so hot, the first guy the way to the coveted, sought after , female, little town. Arthur was sweating and so tense, he feared even move my arm at a time. Lena pulled away, panting. You are so passionate I want you Arthur. Lena said it more to himself, well, that and the guy is not extinguished, and hearty, it's still not the ultimate dream. Lena just grabbed a T-shirt, and pulled the boy in the upper hand, he raised his hands should be understood that, to her. The body of the boy was still so tender childish, but the breast and muscle showed relief that he was engaged in sports, she stroked him, whispering so softly. You are such a beautiful, strong, gentle. Lena stood up, took his hand, pulling him.
Read in one article and the story as did the women, the boys gave her a guide to action, there is an old woman, her grandson for the first time on the couch so doing, that he had seen everything. She put him on the couch, took a step back and opened the gown, which slowly fell to the ground under the feet of the Lena. Arthur stared, not knowing what to do with his hands. The female body of a mature woman, like a ripe red apple large, so beckons bite. Smooth, gentle, looking up from the feet, so round eggs, a little thinner at the knees, steep and a bit full hips, but the thighs, which are all so zyryat, then pubis so after tummy standing out beautifully, hair band shaved, and these hollows, folds between the pubis and thighs, and she silk pussy, so shines through the hairs, sponges recording beckoning to kissing, belly round sphere, the navel as a dozen in the target, waist, emphasizing the femininity, chest soft gentle shakes, nipples Pink halo, and sticking nipples, round shoulders, all the way, yeah.
Arthur, the current in the temples, giving in dickhead, dick just eager, ready to break up and fly to her, who knows how much he peredrochil, dreaming of such women. Lena was delighted with this, the boys look ready to pounce on her, she wanted this and she was happy with a smile, remembering her breast stepped into his tight. Well, dear, you will show that you have for me. Lena sat down and quickly pulled the sweat pants, with shorts to his ankles. A member of a left, a little hooked, slapping on the pubis, svetlenkie hairs around, still bald testicles, legs, too, and everything is so stressful, the member is not a giant, sixteen centimeters, so tense, dickhead not completely out, so appetizing peeking. Lena reached out an arm and paved the hand to a member, still twitched and Arthur lay on his back, fully exhaling heavily. Lena stopped hand. No Arturchik, you have to look, I want you all saw and remembered forever.
Lena quoted from an article that said little grandmother to her grandson, Arthur stood up, looked at the claws, blushing. Lena stroked a member who was twitching, and the skin on the dick like a thin cloth stuck to the palm, stretched. Lena got up on his knees, looming over him, cupped palm dick, pulled his dickhead and sent up so slowly, pulling completely, dickhead, so taut frenulum and foreskin color change of the voltage. What a beautiful, just super, the one that I need. Hand up, and again tightness, squeezing it a little, Arthur all rose with delight to him only in the military hand touching female woman doctor, but true! Lena watched licking, she pulled, and enjoying seeing this beauty. From holes in the prick stood out clear drop of grease, finger smeared the dewdrop, walking in a circle.
Lena could not endure, she licked at the tip, both immediately winced with delight. Lena looked up at him, smiling, and slowly, looking into his eyes, took a prick in her mouth, her lips so circle around his prick and, felt the heat inside, the language went in a circle, examining every millimeter. Lena, slowly circling the language is not the saliva soaked everything, then she let go, licked all the dick, holding, and moving to a meeting, it was wetted and lubricated so abundantly to suck it more .... She gently took his back into the mouth but deeper almost half. Arthur could feel the heat of his mouth dick splash, so keenly these feelings flowed bliss. Lena deeper trying almost to the throat, getting used to, and not forgetting the tongue, sticking it under the caress, saliva flowed, making penetration easier. Lena has already dealt with a spout of pubic hair, and yet, here he almost went into the throat, and back, and still so nice to do to the boy for the first time, and so for him, and for myself, all on a sense of delight. Arthur grasped everything he was ready to howl with buzz, hot mouth burned, so prick poked and included in that is narrow, his feelings became a hundred times more than ready to break out, to him at masturbation, or when not creeping so before descent.
Lena realizing he was going to finish, has become even steeper sucking and hand squeezed testicles, bowling balls, a finger pressed on the prostate, making the thrill of a boy, she was ready to accept everything and drink. Arthur, I almost cried, this approach he was the first time he was ready to climb into her mouth completely, wanted to grab her by the head and the implant until it stops and faster. Lena watched as he braced himself, leaning on her mouth, she just pulled away, grabbed his lips tighter and squeezed podrachivala at the root of a ring finger. And Arthur groaned and stood tense, first the first jet, he twitched, and another, more powerful, and the third Lena has not had time, she took out a member, licking his lips, and, behold, he gave two more volleys, so high. Wow guy so can not come, only the boy. Lena quickly licked and sucked again prick, so Man jerked, as if his shock knocked Lena sucked him to the bottom, because of it has trickled. Lena sucking, twirling tongue prick Arthur twitched, giving her the remains, breaking into a sense of excitement about this konchaniya.
Lena took a member of the holding and podrachivaya his hand, smiling, she smeared the second belly two bullets missed, and reluctantly getting up, let dick. Well, it is necessary to wash down you're so sweet. Lena held out her hand to help climb. Arthur sat reached out to pull his pants, Lena caught his hand. No, let's so cool because you do not want me to be dressed, the more we have yet unfinished business there. She winked, smiling, beautiful smile. They drank a sip, and Lena again took his hand. Come into the room, there will be more convenient. Lena was a little ahead all the time, looking back, watched as Arthur goes after her. She was a pleasure to watch as he goes, a member has once again stood on the full and rocking slightly, sticking out like a bayonet exactly at the top. Lena, slowly lay down on the bed straightened, dragging Arthur. Come to me, let's see how you lover. Lena repeated the words of a story.
They lay side by side, Lena kissed him, he grew bolder, hugging her in a kiss Lena pulled it over him, so that he hovered, taking his hand, placed it on his chest, he squeezed her a little shyly. Suck it Arturchik cute. Lena shakes his hair, as he clung to his chest. Yes, that's it, stronger, suck it, aah .... Lena caught a nice feeling shivers ran through the entire body. Pulling it off your chest, Lena said quietly, spreading his legs. Lie down on me, I want you. Arthur boldly threw a second leg and slowed leaning on his hands, Lena hugged him and pressed a kiss, both in the head worn crazy thoughts. Lena went mad from the young body, this is not like the rough man's, and his dick, so hard, it's nice to feel the pubic. Arthur for the first time, pressed as a woman, all skin absorbing the first sense, it was so indescribably, lie on it, so that all imagined it was nothing, but simply ecstasy, dangling in mind. Lena came to the first rapture. Arturchik stand on knees cute and paste in me myself, so you see where you walk.
Again, the terms of article quoted Lena. Arthur got up and looking down not believe his luck, Lena widely spread legs and bent pulled to his chest, hands, she spread her pussy lips so that man could see everything. Arthur looked like everything nice and wet and enticing one-time fee. Go ahead, you yourself must insert member. Lena cheer him. Arthur shook hands, tilting the term in the bottom sent to the pink flesh, touching dickhead, felt the damp heat pussy. Nadab, and a member of gently slid inside, easily sinking deeper, pushing the skin so soft pussy, cock slid deeper in nutria all warm so soft and so pleasant feeling very dickhead, dick went completely by the most spine, he still did not understand what I touched, but it was a delight. Lena moaned pleasure filled her completely. She held out her arms to him. Yes, kiss me, fuck me now.
Arthur was delighted with these words, he should let her, she hugged him kissing the hands and feet wove his bonds. Come on darling, fuck me. Arthur awkwardly moved his hips, settling in pussy Lena. There, Lena weakened arms. Raised a little in his arms, and between us see how great it is and how you want to fuck. Lena said again a phrase from a magazine. Arthur sat up, and began to fuck her, looking as it happens. Lena was in seventh heaven, entered dick, nice up emphasizing it in as hard as a stick walked she needed. Arthur caught the feelings of its members, and to give it in full, trying to fuck her with great speed, was so nice to all these shocks, splashing through the bodies, the waves throughout the body upon impact, postanyvaniya woman he fully pulled out, and with force entered to it stops and a little more. For ten minutes he fucked her with great speed.
Lena had finished first, has caved in to the meeting, she found on a wave, running all over the body, and zahlestnuv completely, she moaned loudly surrendering to feelings of delight that after orgasm, it continues to fuck and even so much. Arthur felt a member of the waves in the nutria and even faster hollowed member, a minute dickhead stabbed, and a member of the inflated rolls with such force. He became sharply paste, without taking up to half, and here it is so big and sweet feeling, he had just thrust deeper and deeper as he could, ending with filling inside her pussy. He fell at her unable to keep himself, and still shivering a while, it was such a delight for both, and they just were not moving, digesting what had happened. Then Lena began stroking him, whispering what it was magnificent. But all ends well after about five minutes, the kitchen began to play Arthur's mobile music.
Damn, he said irritably, Lena whispered, come, answer. Arthur stood with her dick came out and he turned over went to the kitchen naked. Lena looked at these beautiful movement youthful body with delight. He spoke, Lena, stretched lazily and stood up, looking as out of pussy dripping sperm, walked into the kitchen. Arthur said, looking as Lena walked naked and passed between the legs closer to the thighs glistened, and his dick got up again, he was embarrassed and tried to cover herself, Lena smiled. Arthur quickly ended the conversation right now words go, Lena teasing, slyly walked naked around. I have to go, you probably do not wake well. Arthur hesitated, but since Lena came and clung to him tightly, kissing, holding member. Do not say anything, then it is necessary to go, just let me quickly masturbate you, and then he sticks out, I quickly stand. Lena squatted, took his hand member, she hugged tighter, took a little below, the member was covered in semen and its lubrication, and slid so well.
Lena quickly began to masturbate, squeezing harder on the prick, she moaning on the species. For three minutes, and Arthur began to moan in response, dickhead pouted and blushed, Lena pulled stronger member, directing themselves. Arthur strained so hard, he went down, Lena watched from dick shoots cum right on the face, neck, chest, it was something, the guy jerked strained. Graduated, Lena took a napkin and wiped it dry. Get dressed and go, see you tomorrow, I hope. Arthur even resented it. Of course yes, I'll meet you on the stairs. He quickly packed up and left, Lena closed the door behind him, a long time she went to the apartment covered in semen and set the mood, and then took a shower ... drank tea, a snack and go to sleep. Falling asleep, she thought for a long time, three times in a row, and the truth is that it says, all exactly sweet sinking into sleep.
In the morning Lena woke up just in an amazing mood, reaching Sweetly, she remembered yesterday and so grinned, got up, coffee, washed his head, lay, make up, dressed and into the office. In one window, probably asleep, tired of poor little boy, my sweetie. At work, as usual, but with the mood, lunch, to five in the evening she flew on an apartment. Rising, she immediately looked through an opening coming up it is wreathed in a smile of delight, he was waiting like a faithful puppy. Hi, neighbor. Hello. Lena went and drew level, he jumped from the window sill, she giggled softly and almost whispered. Today, you will come to me, or you do not. Arthur was embarrassed and blushed. Come on, open it with a key. Arthur ran overtook her to open the door, Lena laughed pretty. He opened the doors to her, letting her first. Well, gentleman, and only.
Lena gave him the package, removing shoes. You come into the kitchen, my coffee myself what he want, and there, in the refrigerator and pour the wine open I am now, you wait. Lena giggled again. Today, Lena wanted to impress the boys and give yourself like that. She took a towel, took a shower, a good pomylas, shaved all went into the room, covering her breasts with a towel, knowing that he sees her. There, make up, hair, and gently perfume, wore black stockings with belt, black thong and bra, rummaged in a bag, that's high heels, looked at herself, super, things bathrobe tightly zapahnuv, tied, went into the kitchen. Well, dear, you cooked me a coffee? The answer was short, yes. Lena sat down, took a sip of coffee they drank a little, talking, or rather he told Lena asked, finishing with coffee, Lena went to the expected. She stood with his foot on a stool, so famously showed him a piece of a surprise, opened toe sock, shoe, lace and elastic part of the belt just comes down to the guy crazy.
She untied the robe and dropped, his mouth opened, on such a beautiful outfit. Today you, caress me first, tell me what you want me. Arthur barely swallowed, yes. Lena beckoned him with a finger, he got up, and it was clear he wants it. They went into the room, Lena his section member was ready to burst. She stroked him, he trembled in anticipation. Wait dear, I caress you, but first you help me. Lena played with him, adhering to the management, in the articles, because they helped her so. Arturchik dear, you yourself have to remove her bra and panties, and kiss me. Arthur walked awkwardly and clumsily embraced, clung to his lips, they kissed for a long time, Lena hugged him, pressed her, feeling the touch of a member. Then she turned, as if dodging. Give yourself, and bolder.
Arthur, trembling began to unbutton that little digging, it came out. She stood up again to face him slowly walking away, fell on his elbows and sexually bending one leg like hiding behind it. Come to me. Arthur quickly lay down next to Lena embraced and kissed his lips, taking his head, pushed him to the bottom, to the chest. Yes, kiss her, suck, imaginary, but stronger. Arthur tried sucking, tongue twisting, bites his lips, his other hand he squeezed another as he looked into porn, especially in the afternoon. Lena just thrilled with the language of action, when the boy was playing with the nipple, it is the language, it sneaks goose, it was such a pleasure. Reluctantly she pushed his head below the abdomen. Already an excited voice, she admonished him. Navel please, because I want to, Arthur. He did not mind, licking all, saliva flowed abundantly wetting, and all perfectly worked. Lena moaning. She looked down, before the main. Take off your panties, dear, please. Arthur moved below and took the rope, string, ready to burst, they are easily crawled to the bottom, revealing a strip of pubic curls, Lena got up to help.
Take off completely and throw them, you're a cute kiss me there and help me get what I want to. She threw her leg so that he would become between them, spreading wider feet, she ran her hand along the slot, pulling the skin on the clitoris. Well, I can also count on you. Arthur watched with delight, he could not refuse, yes. He sat down, more comfortable, leaning on hands bent, the first touch and the taste is so important, the smell of perfume pleasantly attracted, everything is so beautiful and gentle, clinging he just kissed her pussy as the lips. Yes, lick it, you are so gentle, in the language of that deep, I want to feel it. Arthur thrilled with such requests of women for the first time, there was no hesitation. After the language, which is so easily passed in depth, taste so strangely enveloped his mouth, and it was pretty normal, then more boldly and more, very deeply, he tried to lick the inside, twisting tongue right there.
Lena baldela so, trying to spread his legs wider, she just caught a sense, then she helped herself thrusting his hands and his lips parted to the side, showing him that so it is possible. Arthur looked like everyone had gone, and he could see inside the most pussy, then again he clung to it. Lena just melted away, he did not touch the clitoris, and that she had finished long ago, getting into the rhythm of Lena wanted longer feel it, he did it for five minutes, she did not touch him surrendering feelings. When it became unbearable, she just pointed to the clitoris, and said sharply, as the ordering. Suck it. Lena finished, loudly arching, Arthur barely resist making that he said Lena clasped his feet, leaning, sagged, orgasm was so strong and lasted a long time because she thought she would die. He stopped at once, looking at her, she pulled him close and kissed him. You made me something incredible, I knew your mother she raised a craftsman. Arthur blushed, and Lena smiled slyly. Now it's my turn to give you.
Lena abruptly put him on the shoulder, took up the member, kissing the head, dickhead and licking, wetting, still standing, stone, Lena took in her mouth, licking, then deeper now half, trying as much as possible fiercely, here he is at the throat so resting, and even a little. Lena caught the moment and planted himself, skipping all through, so a little, back and she herself liked it. Arthur moaned aloud from the onslaught. Lena did not like UNIMA so sucked sucked something with strength and again in his throat so deep and yet sharply several times. Arthur lacked three minutes he moaned loudly, all arched, ready to burst, cum shot Lena throat flowed past, but Lena did not lag behind, sucking all that she could. They both brought each other, and it is such a thrill. When it was all over, Lena knelt, breathing loudly and often, when both moved, Lena just called him, cool wine. They drank, laughed, Arthur lit, Lena got chocolate. On the strength of. So rest for ten minutes. All have enough, I want to go further.
Lena snapped, grabbed Arthur's arm and dragged him, he did not mind showing a desire riser. Second, and on the couch. Now, another door will open for you. Another quote, good thing this literature. Lena took the cream and lubricate abundantly member, then on her finger and yourself a little ass squeezed by coolness, standing cancer and caved in. In the ass only softly and gently. Twice did not have to ask, Arthur took his place. Dickhead went a little tight, more easily, Lena is not the first member to start up there, and she was not hurt. Arthur thrilled by narrow holes, and taking as beautiful thigh continued to come in, that's the emphasis, he stopped trying to catch a feeling, then back and forth quietly, Lena, not patience. Ebi me stronger, do not be afraid, come on. This was at the start, Arthur jerked, fucking her, Lena moaned podnachivaya, this jump went sofa groaning together with Lena.
Density assholes doing their job, Arthur's enough for five minutes, he came straight to Lena turned to nasazhivalas, looking at the boy as he was shaking in orgasm. Then the bathroom, there was already standing, kitchen Lena jumped on it until ten o'clock, the five hours of pleasure, they spent the evening cool.
Lena simply melted away from the boy, four days they get up like that, but the trip was over, and Lena had to go home last night ... they had a romantic. The train was in the morning and he called at the door one hour before departure, Lena began to cry, and he almost roared, she gave him her number, negotiating when he can write SMS or call, took his number. It is not the best, she put her arms around him, kissing, dressing gown fell, and he went down below the kissing pussy and so quickly brought her to orgasm, she pulled him over, and caught a member, introduced himself in the pussy. Fuck fast and hard as you can. She said, looking into his eyes, Arthur pecked her sharply to the dope, they were both silent, breathing heavily, and all exactly happened ten minutes as if he could not from her break, she was again ahead of him, squeezing the vagina, penis, he caught up with her by filling sperm to failure. Catching his breath Lena wore shorts just like that, rummaged in a bag, and handed him the thong. On the recalls.
They came together out of the apartment, Lena shut the door and kissed him quickly saying. Not mourners. Then he turned around and smiled. A meeting will be on the windowsill!
Some time passed after the recent events that I described in the previous narratives, I was in a permanent mission, on the debt of the new service had to live like that. His wife, too, was out of town often enough, and I suspect that her magnificent body of a man loved more than once. Therefore, we do not often seen with his wife, and when happened to make love, do it very passionately. The wife has become more luxurious and sexy. Acquired such an aura of sexuality that came to her in those rare moments in her office, I could not help thinking that many male colleagues are not just sweet to fuck my wife, so weary look she gave every man in the office that I am in this convinced more and more. At 30 years and a little more woman desirable than ever. Real men will agree with me !!
So, it took something like two years and we decided to relax together. But resting place Ksyushka decided to choose itself.
Dragged a long two months of vacation expectations. And two weeks before departure Ksenia decided to update your holiday wardrobe.
One day she came to me and held my tongue on his neck and said, "Honey, you would not want to join me?
You will like it, come with me to the shop, I picked up an amazing store, you like it. " My cock immediately responded. I threw it on the couch, pulled her skirt up and pushing her panties to the side, stared at her wet cunt already.
To torment her vagina until she begged me to take her. Taking off his jeans to the end, I set off on the floor, on his knees. Ksyushka pulled off her panties, fishnet, breathed in her scent. How it excites me! Sent cock in her pussy and immediately entered her ......
He began rhythmically pumped her vagina, changing the tempo of frictions. It did not last long ... ..Mne wanted to change position. He turned it, put it on my knees ... .prognul her back ... and gently entered into her pussy ... Continuing her sweet fuck, I felt that something was missing. And we fucked so that it no word nor cry nor a sigh did not say.
"Something wrong?" - I say to my wife.
"Usually before you are more emotionally responsive to me and my actions" - I said.
"Honey, do not worry. I'm just a little exercise, something. You're doing it right. "- Closing his eyes with pleasure his wife said.
Stenochku her vagina began to decline, she put her hand to her mouth, closing it so that there was no moaning. She finished.
And I could not stand this sweet torture ended after her. Dame Knights miss! ... First you have to please a woman and then think about yourself! Never allow yourself to finish before the girl is not experience orgasm.
And having spent some activities after intercourse, with my better half, we go to the store.
This store recently opened in our town, there were rumors that the owner of this store Italian. Earlier, I did not give it enough attention to the fact. But later my opinion has changed, but first things first.
... And now we have crossed the threshold of the store ... vau..kak beautiful here ... how many luxury underwear ... skirts ... tops ... a paradise for active women.
Looking seductive panties on mannequin virtulnoe trying on them to my wife, I did not notice a white-haired gentleman approached us.
He looked about 60 years or so ... but I must admit he was in very good shape. Wife grinned uidev it.
"Good day, Oksana!" - He turned to my wife. The fact that my wife's name is Oksana, just so happened that I and our friends call her Xenia.
Kissed the outstretched hand of my wife, he looks at me.
"And this is probably your spouse? My name is Luigi "- he says, holding out his hand for a handshake.
"And I - Alex, you are the owner of this cozy place?" - I utter in response.
"Yes, your charming wife has helped me to open this store, so I'm doing it for very interesting prices, and also brought some addition to their collection especially for Oksana. You agree that the beauty of this national treasure, and should belong to everyone "- mysteriously said Luigi.
"All men?" - I'm trying to clarify.
But my question hangs in the air, as the two young men come up to us.
"Ooh ... you're here, too, did not think that you are so soon be free!" - Said Luigi.
"This is my nephew, Eduardo and Paolo" - he says.
... .Propuschu Exchange of pleasantries between us, opened important to me later. And yet, realizing how provocative gently and kindly one of the nephews Luigi hand stroking my beautiful girl, I know that they were close.
"Honey, I'm all wet" - whispered in my ear Ksyushka.
"But you have today ...." - I did not finish the sentence she ran her hand over my cock through my pants. And she smiled sweetly, closing his eyes a little.
I decided not to interfere in the choice of his wife, knowing that all that it will now be measured to evaluate not just me.
Leafing through the catalog of shorts, I'm sitting on the couch.
After about 10 meters, my wife is choosing underwear. Walks up to her one of his nephews, Luigi, I mixed up their names and I do not remember how someone called, and it is not important. Good for her, and in good Russian begins her something to talk about ... before I came the only fragments of phrases, he tries to speak so that I did not hear anything.
It takes a little time, but the Italian is on the spot at the counter with the laundry, I do not see what is going on between them completely. I see only that he raised his head, a little tossing it aside. Now he puts his arm around my wife.
And what I see?! ... My little girl goes down ... no !!! it is nothing dropped on the floor ... she just falls down ... a few seconds later the Italian soveershenno certain eye looks at me ... .and much as his right hand rhythmically moves ... Yeah ... no doubt left.
But ... .magazin not closed for private purchases ... A few meters away from them ... probably go to purchasers they see.
My cock is ready to explode, we have zalest into his trouser pocket and carry along the body member, that was not much of an erection.
Still, through the fabric of trousers I begin to touch his penis, all the rhythmic and rhythmic ... A few minutes later ... a spouse rises ... I see her fucking shine in the eyes and they are, I think it's Paolo, removed the dressing room ... It's unbearable ... for my cock ... him We need detente.
Held at about five minutes and move toward the booths, that's where they went. Along the way, I look around the shop. It's huge! You can podorbrat for every taste. I went to the place where start fitting rooms.
I do not believe your eyes, how many of them. I counted about thirty stalls. Where are they, and can they not in the booth and in the office and Luigi fuck?!, I think to myself. Slowly, I have the idea along the booths, in turn, peering between the curtains of each. And I do not hear any sounds the same, although my wife loud enough responds. Though here with me today it was not so. Of course ... it is said that training in something ... Yeah ... fast train ... but why?
Slowly reaching the last I heard sucking sounds.
I imagine how my girls chink skintight member.
Here ... and cabin is larger than all the other three times ... and gently relegating the curtain in the direction I see Ksyushka lying on her back on the couch given to Paolo and Luigi gives her ... .da uzh..prosto huge dick in her mouth ... Especially something ... .but my girl to make up her lips with lipstick counter and so every member immersed in the mouth and after taking out it remains a trace of lipstick. But how close her lips literally strung on his penis. ITS tight summer dress is a tight top of her luxurious body ... panties pushed aside. And Paolo ... enhancing the pace of frictions on mgovenie freezes ... and then I think throws semen into the vagina of my wife ...
And I can not stand the passions ... I go into the booth. Wife osbovozhdaya me a little about the place ... rude almost ordering me says - "Lie down on your back with your favorite" Paolo gets up from the couch ... freeing a place for me.
I lay down on his back. I can see how Luigi something gogvorit her in Italian ... Italian wife knows .blin ... ... and I do not understand it ....
Again and again my girl fucks in the mouth. Just a little, and I understand that he cums in her throat. And what did I see that she does not swallow his cum ... What will happen next? She approaches me ... opens his mouth ... .vytyagivet vicious tongue and I see a trickle of saliva padaets with her tongue ... I do not know why ... I open my mouth and part of semen mixed with saliva favorite gets in my mouth ... then Ksenia covers me like a juicy kiss that almost did not finish on this.
It can not be ... but I'm not disgusting what made me my favorite ....
Although bi homo - relations have never interested ... and affairs is not in semen, which fell into my mouth ... The main thing here - it happened !!! After that, he sat down on top of me Ksyushka hand opened the entrance to her vagina plowed ... and managed to almost anything without losing planted on my penis. Unbelievable ... how sweet fucking cunt wife, full of sperm of another ... And after a minute I frictions dobovlyaet his sperm interest in his wife.
... Looking around, I noticed that next to no one ... and I moezht prvidilso all ... .but with his finger in her anus ... I felt a familiar zhidkost..a consistency because now I have not got into it "chocolate"?! ... She had also in the ass just super ... my girl ...
... And I think to myself ... but as our vacation will take place on the island!
To be continued….
Lord-minded people, writing communicate !!
Heavy shirokobokaya rhythmically rocking boat on the waves traveling forward; each time lingering inclination heard the creaking masts. Left. Right. Left. Right…
When the hulking piece of plate to the left side collapses, petrified member Mustached deeply to the core, was immersed in a hot vagina Dombary when the ship leans to the right, he slipped back easily. Liquids were so many that the man did not have to take any effort; love juice after each movement abundantly poured out on to open in languor flushed lips and ran down the crotch and thighs, lingering near the anus stretched firmly locked thick trunk shaving. He did not move, but a sense of completion and already drove the woman crazy.
They were three of us. In a small cabin below deck.
Dombara and her two "monks". Above his head, under the heavy tread of sailors, and then ominously creaking boards, but it has ceased to pay attention to it. How many today lasted for a love game? She lost track of time. But waiting for their turn to two more ...
The port was noisy and Dombara barely heard a word the old man: Yes, today the ship departs upriver. "Swan"? Captain ... how you say? Captain Gorislav. Wow imechko! And the other ship ...? What? There is no other?! Okay …
Nose "Swan" was firmly prihvachen thick rope to a massive wooden pile. The team finished loading:
- Passengers ?! More passengers? I do not know, - grumbled gray mustache eyed captain in the shabby coat unbuttoned.
- I can leave the servants and go only with the maid, - said excitedly Dombara.
- The fact is, Madam, that I have picked up passengers, and I do not have a lot of space. Why would you spend the night on the deck!
- Maybe you can do something? - Imploring hands folded woman - I need to get to her husband. He is not stingy ...
- I might give in, of course, my cabin - the only captain eyes sparkled greedily at the hint of reward - it will be more, but you'll have to share it with other fellow travelers.
- I agree - quickly decided woman - listed my things, - she told the maid.
- No, no, - the captain quickly grabbed by the hand, started toward the ship Woman - I can only take one person.
The unexpectedness Dombara taken aback.
- However, - a young maid looked leer gray mustache satyr - If the baby will brighten up my swimming hardships, I can take her as his guest ...
The girl's eyes widened in horror. She looked pleadingly at Madame ...
Shaved finished first. Even minor frictions in the confined space of the anus women have done their job. For a moment, visibly tensed, he erupted inside. Easy, like a feather, he raised waist Dombaru limp, barely releasing his thick cock. After quit the open relaxed anus bluish head seemed to drop flowing seed, was pulled behind her white threads, but quickly thinned, exploded.
He shaved sighed and walked over to the table, on which smoked a handful of grass in a bright brass plate.
The mustachioed, in the meantime, leaving the vagina, the woman quickly turned unresisting on the stomach and swung drove his hard cock in a curved hole gaping emptiness. Despite the abundant lubrication and relax the muscles of the ring Dombara screamed and groaned when looking forward to the quick discharge of a man began vigorously to move, almost tearing her crotch.
- Wait - tempered the ardor of his friend approached them boy-Co-Scar - move slowly. So pleasant.
Movement Mustached become slower, but still too large in amplitude: it is almost removed his penis, so that it becomes visible nalivshayasya blood head, then pounded it inside on the most base, forcing a woman to squirm beneath him.
However, no more groans were: Youth-Co-Scar, firmly taking the woman by the hair, she threw back her head and so deep into his mouth open, that some time Dombara could not even breathe. When he came out, tears flowed from her eyes. But as soon as she was able to take a breath, he again finding themselves deep in the throat, cruelly cut off her air supply ...
In the captain's cabin close Dombara was with four dressed in plain gray robes men.
- We humble novices Nagorno temple - melodious pronouncing words calmed the frightened woman is the youngest of travel, - to the right in a way only at the behest of our abbot ...
The woman nodded, satisfied. Face "Monk," she said, crossing the rough scar, apparently, from the saber stroke.
- Do not be surprised - followed her gaze was sitting next to a youth-Co-Scar man - Earlier, before to devote himself to God, we were at the border. Patrols out into the steppe.
All four immediately noted Dombara, had very broad shoulders. Even loose clothing could not hide their entwined bodies taut muscles.
Talking man smiled affably, the tips of his long black mustache funny parted to the side. The woman broke down and laughed.
- Forgive me for my lack of confidence, - she said sincerely, - But you know ...
- Of course ... - I began shaved head "monk", but he was immediately interrupted neighbor on the right:
- You have nothing to fear, we'll take care of you.
Dombara turned to him, looked at her piercingly honest blue eyes.
And indeed, despite the fact that the next few days, she had to spend in the same room with four physically strong men, she felt safe and was very glad I did not succumb to the temptation and left the unfortunate maid at home, not giving her a reproach vile old man ...
Powerful rocked spasm body lying on a bench woman. She lacked air. Incredible muscle tension she tried to escape. But the torturer, after waiting a moment, again led from the throat Dombary member without letting it absolutely suffocate. However, a woman barely had time to breathe, boy-Co-Scar once again plunged into her mouth a rather big body sizes. Everything happened: tears from his eyes, flattened wheezing, disembodied attempt to escape.
The mustachioed sweet moaned:
- Wow ... Unbelievable ...
The strongest reduction in the already narrow hole anus immediately brought it to the finals. Overexcited long frictions petrified dick exploded inside a woman's body, and despite the abundance of effused seed was so tightly squeezed, that mustachioed not immediately able to be released:
- Terrific ...
- And it !, - boy-Co-Scar lifted the woman so that she can stand in knee-elbow position.
- You listen to him, he dock, - walked over to the prostrate Dombare blue-eyed.
Looking at the open ending white seed ass woman he chose scarlet, brilliant from the drying of juice vagina ...
- Why did you decide to leave the service at the border - has dared to speak with Dombara blue-eyed, when his companions came out of the cabin for some need, and they were alone.
- This is the message from above, Madam, - he smiled charmingly, "monk" - We could not answer the call.
- Call? - Dialogue with pleasant young man strongly fascinated woman ...
- God, lady. He called us.
Spellbound looking at the deep blue eyes, Dombara could not doubt:
- Yes, of course, I understand ... And you dropped everything and went to the temple?
- It was a long way - gently said "monk" - We have met countless obstacles, and only faith has helped to overcome them.
- I wish I could believe as passionately as you do, - she said dreamily woman enveloped excitement - it's almost the sanctity!
- It is not easy - sadly agreed "monk" - It takes years and years ...
- Unfortunately, you are right - Dombara sighed.
- ...But if you could just touch, even a little bit, just to see this beauty! How would people have changed! They have rejected all the dirt, and letting their thoughts to the light! They would have had a goal! - Hot she cried immediately.
- You are quite right - supported her blue-eyed - but whether people deserve to see the light? Will they be able to recognize him?
- I would not be able, - confident woman blurted out, - And others ... - it is somewhat retired to the background - Probably not. But time is still not possible to ...
The blue-eyed shrugged:
- There is one way. But ...
- And what you need to do?
- You trust me ..?
Dombara trusted companion, as if before it was God himself ...
The beat rhythmically swaying boat Dombary body slid on two strong men's trunks. First woman nasazhivalas to the base member at the blue-eyed, releasing the breath weapon Boys-Co-Scar, and then, on the return stroke, slid on her vagina to keep the trunk, and again swallowing of red, engorged head of the second "monk".
Strong member of the blue-eyed, deeply penetrating inside, again called, was a sense of excitement faded. Woman's vagina filled with juice. And the louder heard sucking sounds each time you push, the more impatient possessed Dombaroy.
The boy-Co-Scar no longer tried to strangle his mistress, and she felt for him almost gratitude.
Against the background of excitement swept through her zeal she began to caress who is in her mouth male member. By moving the tongue, then she pressed it to the sky, it rests on the cheek, then just slid over him, surrounding the head. "Monk" was moaning with pleasure. Unexpectedly Dombara realized that it is not unpleasant ...
Woman lying on her back on the bench. Her arms were crossed over his chest.
Four "monks" were gathered around a small table, firmly attach to the wall of the cabin. The boy-Co-Scar took a small backpack copper, darkened from soot, dish, the rim of which were driven out some figures. The mustachioed threw a handful into a bowl of brown, crisp in his fingers, dried grass. Brito, quickly striking a flint, skillfully carved fire flashed a bright flame and then the ceiling started to rise slowly clubs yellowish donating bitterness, smoke.
Leaning on an improvised altar men saw Dombara, began to utter a barely audible prayer. A minute later the blue-eyed straightened and turned to the woman.
- We are ready, - he said mysteriously.
The woman nodded uncertainly and "monk" came. In the hands of the Mustached yellow smoke kurilos copper dish. The boy-Co-Scar gestured. Dombara still hesitated. The blue-eyed but already lifted her shoulders, helping to get closer and face-to-plate. Almost against her will she breathed unpleasant pungent smell of burning herbs. I coughed. He suspended. However, blue-eyed again pulled her closer. His eyes exuded such inner light that focusing on them and a woman surrendered soon ceased to feel bitterness ... It was even nice ...
Language is so excited The youth-Co-Scar, that he could not continue to hold back, he decided to hasten the event. Clenching hands Dombary head, he began to actively move, with the force driving her throat sharply the strained member. Frictions it was so fast that, in spite of the deep penetration, almost did not create obstacles for breathing woman, and she was able to adapt pretty quickly to him.
In time he sped back and blue-eyed. Now the men were in sync at both sides, as if clutching each other, and then, also simultaneously stretching, out. Two lovers, two strong members - Dombara entirely surrendered joy that rolls this storm.
At the bottom of the stomach going tight warm lump, rhythmically shaken by powerful blows thick trunk densely covered her hot vagina. It is approaching the denouement. She tensed all over and, when once again sharply blue-eyed and deeply into her, barriers collapsed. A few minutes sandwiched between two non-stop moving members of the woman as if hovering in the sky. No, there was no top or bottom, no land, no water. Only warm wind waves, one after another souse her from head to toe. If it were not a member of the Boys-Co-Scar, she would have cried ...
The blue-eyed was not lying, through the efforts of "monks" Dombara really transported to some other world. There was no evil, there was no fear, there was no pain. Although the woman could not explain what was happening to her and where she is such fun as here, she could have sworn never experienced. Incredible, unfamiliar feeling. Updates Feeling perhaps? Neither hands nor feet, felt Dombara not listen to her, but it was no matter. They lived some of his enigmatic life: some were poured, sharply straining something completely fell back in complete impotence. In bottom-up body heat quickly overflowed. Like a spiral approaching a woman to the highest point. And at the height of bliss, is fully aware of the magnificent beauty of this perfect world.
Firmly imprinted in the memory of a beautiful image of a different level of being slow, hovering like a feather, back Dombara in his mortal body. Here she felt her limbs again hear, that felt a sudden chill and a lot of pressure in the abdomen, and suddenly opened her eyes, instantly realizing that lies on the bench completely naked. Very vskinuvshis woman felt her waist impacts across a strong man's hand. Next to the table stood naked three of "monks":
- She woke up.
- Now a little bit more - there was a voice from behind shaving.
Dombara tried to pull away, still not quite aware what is going on, as in a dream knowing that behind her grabbed the fourth "monk".
Burning pain between the buttocks pierced through the body. Instinctively she tried to squeeze the legs, with the fear of feeling that it is something interferes. Terrified she forgot the pain. After several attempts to break disembodied caught, the man suddenly let go of her and she was able to run back to the wooden wall of the cabin.
- What are you? I had to get used? - Genuinely surprised collapsed on the bench shaving. In his stomach near the head fall off member spread over the white spot erupted seed.
- This surprise - artfully smiled blue-eyed - She was not a ...
Feeling the final contraction of the muscles of the vagina hot blue-eyed woman accelerated motion, and soon he is dead, being deep inside a woman. The powerlessness of it with a silent groan, fell on her back wet with sweat.
There was only one boy-Co-Scar. While still at the mercy engulfed her orgasm, Dombara decided to help her lover. Clenching his hand the base of his cock, she began to move his hand vigorously, while moving his swollen head on the inside of his cheek. From such a weasel man staggered, he finished almost instantly by filling mouth women considerable amount of viscous semen. Dombara choked, tried to swallow, but could not, and coughed.
Whitish foam strip mixture of male semen and saliva own were on the lips when she smiled apologetically partner ...
- You poisoned me and cheapest way benefited from my unconsciousness, - said dully Dombara. Quickly pulling the bottom of the shirt she huddled in the far from the "monks" angle of the captain's cabin and now with fear and hatred for the company stared villains again gathered around the table with a steaming dish.
- You are mistaken, Madam, - he walked away blue-eyed - This is not a poison. This medicine, which allows you to adequately assess the realities of our world.
He was completely naked, and did not hesitate, demonstrated his elastic body covered with a pile of muscles:
- Just as I said, not everyone can understand the ...
Seeing him coming ... the woman makes her fear, he stopped and continued at a distance of:
- The weak do not look back and because drowning in an illusory world. The world of their own fantasies.
- The fact is - supported buddy boy-Co-Scar - We've shown you myself. Real. Without strata and prejudices. Without fear and false doubts. You present. Pure ...
Dombara with horror and incomprehension looked at philosophizing "monks".
- You will have more time to understand us - assured woman mustachioed - Ahead of a long journey.
- Do you think that after what happened, I'll stay with you for a moment?
- And what do you do? - Charmingly asked blue-eyed - Tell the captain? Have to drop you in the woods? Will stay for the night on the deck with the sailors?
He firmly took Dombaru arm rigidly suppressed her attempts to escape.
- Tomorrow you do not happen anything - promised pulling clothes mustachioed - Tomorrow grass will act not so much ...
Dombara corrected decorated with bright patterned shirt and tightly gripped the loins embroidered belt.
- Tomorrow she has will not work! - Laughing she said, pointing to the blackened remains of grass in the copper plate.
- It is you no longer need, Madam, - quietly hugged blue-eyed woman - you become itself, you only need to take it.
- But I do not understand?! - Dombara surprised - What do you mean?
- It takes time - boy-Co-Scar gently ran his fingers down her cheek - The way is long ...
- You will not be able to live longer as before - easily slapped on the rump mustachioed woman - Soon all will change ...
- You will be happy - prophesied against blue-eyed.
These honest blue eyes, knew Dombara could not lie ...

Story Author: shalopaya
Immediately I apologize for the ugly spell. According to Class 2 and two corridors. It was a long time ago, in the city where I live to this day in wonder. Without hesitation I agreed. Only here where? And we go down the road to the Kazanka (we have such a river. I hear and obey. We go down in the bushes close to some water. Eh think Dubinushka I have now will work. Take off your coat, she said, I'm not first, you. (Because they know in advance how see my Bold failure 100%)
Women's and they said "you can only elephants to fuck" Well, okay. Out of the car, takes off her panties lays down on the back seat. Nope, I say. Rest, so I will be more convenient. Kazan is not big and not small town ... but beautiful and very green in the summer. I then worked as a taxi driver in one of the city's taxi parks. And then one day, passing through the city center put the girl. She asked me to take her to the Kirov region. Two rubles is such a price has been appointed, she agreed. Well, then just ... Tralee Wali how to call, where you work? The conversation lively. And then she offers me sex instead of money. Wow, then it was well, so back back.
Out of the car taken from the trunk of grease, smeared my Bold, but it is already gotovenkaya back to me and put her on the seat. Balda closed jacket (good that long). And from behind to sneak up on her. He touched pizdёnochku all wet, but still feel not fit. Again I went to the trunk took a little more salidola abundantly smeared joined up again, and only vpёr .............. suddenly clouding. Woke up on the ground, noggin hurts. Something like a rose, not one nearby. My pants just lying around. Not a day in revenue, without hours, reptiles and even took magnitafon blockhead all in saledole. And no I do not "her" Balde I mean, not what it is not necessary. Well at least for the human rights left. That such was the case. To be continued.
Author: AnoCToJI
It was an ordinary school day I poshol school recruited znaniy.V my class studied cool lass Dasha she chased my Druganov Pill Pagonya is. And that's what happened after the lessons we as always, all the herd-class smoking near the school who drank beer who obshatsya when thump will, and then she told me pridlogaet stroll to pills so I agree Proshyan with all his classmates and go in my pocket the couple on the little things were RUB 300-400, and I suggest to her to buy a four-day swells at home Pills buy vodyary 0.5 bottles of wine each fucking 2 as it's added to all this good in a valivaemsya Pills his sister at home - virgin. Well, I think Che shyas for small warm up well, tear it Neto it would cover with a clearing in the Pill appears to wake in the closet 2litra moonshine nahryukalis.
Lying on the bed in the room fucking watch movies rushing Kick. I sosus with her sister Alyona pills, he Dashko gently rubbing between her legs and she had so I do not lose too sosёmsya three each other well, the couple Pill poshol eat butts do Dasha is close to all expectation, we Zaneta business sosёmsya of Alyonka. Well, I thought the couple and the start Let Dashko suck of Alyonka then they take turns to masturbate me Then the couple says Dasha you mosh Blowjob. I could not believe such paradise lips will make me a blowjob. I'm talking of course let's pull together both my clothes Pill does butts and now my penis is pulled out from the heats. Dashulka bared head gently at first and then kissed her, and here she is sucking his already smacking his lips and I casually sosus Alyona and then went to the heat into the house can hear the sound and see a tray padayushego ohuevshego Pill stoyashego slack head.
Skoko they chase she never made him a blow job, he does not lose races and undresses us Dashulka pulls on my dick and gives it to his mouth. I offer Alena undress and begin to caress her neck, chest, and now ready pripihnut pill as I said let me deprive her hymen with Al I almost fell off the bed, but lost. He zasazhyvaet her she yells and now fuck her at all, and I'm giving Dasha in her mouth so I bent her cancer, and enter it in the pussy, one current feelings fuck that girl friend. Pill ends and gives Dasha front she sucks his dick. Alena moёtsya we change, I pour her mouth with sperm go to the bathroom to Alyona and have it there. We are more then arranged such fucked !!! that's how I spent the day !!!)
Author: Theme LP
This happened recently ... 2nedeli back! I have an older sister, Oksana, her 23goda and I 16. We often quarrel, sometimes we fight. Before this incident, I had never seen my sister naked, but really wanted to see her undressed ... sister lives in Moscow, and I'm in the suburbs with their parents learn to 10klasse, and she said to us priezhaet every November day was mesyats.Eto sister came home, my father was shabashki hours to 10 a mother to work in Moscow. I opened the door for her, she ate, and went to watch TV, I sat next to a T-shirt and jeans, a T-shirt was not Lifaki and nipples were visible, I was very excited.
My cock immediately stood up. Sister forever rasprashivat like me with sex. And then spoke again, I said that I have not once, and it was. Suddenly she saw my standing member, and said who he vstal.ya embarrassed and silent. She said you can podrogat? I resolved, then began to take off panties, I protested, but she withdrew them and said that I Pts big and she likes him. A moment she just smarela, then began to touch it, I began to touch her small but firmer breasts, nipples stuck out her, then I lay on my back and she began to suck, then took off her shirt and I saw her dark nipples. I was excited and flipped her onto her back, began to lick her nipples, then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them. She was in a black thong, their I also took off, I lay on my back and she began to sit down on my cock, I began to enter it more and more, after 5 minutes I had finished on her stomach, then we Nei communicate as if nothing did not have. Just like before.
My military service was held from 92 through 94 years. In those days, in the case of the army evolved mildly unfavorable. Prospered looting and pilfering, hazing, and runaways, in short it was not the best years for the army. There were hundreds of stories about how the grandfathers raped mothers of young soldiers, making them poprovedat while they waited in the next room. One of them was about me and my mom.
I was a young soldier, and had to serve only three months. I was more fortunate many of my colleagues. My story goes not so far from home, only 4-5 hours by train or bus. And to me once a month, took a day off and visited my mother.
Because of the frequent escapes us not allow the dismissal of a part in the town, even with their parents. All visits were held in kazrmah, red corners or offices.
I've been waiting for this weekend. I knew that I was sure would come to visit my mother. And here, finally come Sunday. As usual on Sunday, the whole company has been planted on vzlёtke (central long hallway between the location of the bed). They took a TV and DVD and watch movies. And I ran at the entrance to the barracks in orderly tables and waited. We called a checkpoint. And after 10 minutes, she finally came. The orderly opened the door and entered the location of the company my mother. The whole company looks intently, without starving women and young men with envy that came home to me was staring at us. But more on the mother.
She was an attractive mature woman of 40 years. Of medium height, with a typically Russian figure for women of her age, a little plump in the thighs and ass, she had a graceful waist. In forty years, it retained its charm, a true Russian beauty, good soft. She had beautiful blonde hair wrapped by a lovely, lovely squares. Charming, sweet face with juicy lips and large eyes. A little fine lines, from frequent charming smiles, her face betrayed a beautiful charm. Luxury Line Neckline with magnificent breasts over the years became a 4 size. She had a little curvy tummy, butt and thighs, but the tribes of the lower part of the legs has been the envy of any young girl. Because couple of decades on his heels they acquired the strength and myasistosat and legs were just divine. She was rastёgnutoe coat, beautiful scarf, blouse, skirt just below the knee, and as always boots with koblukah.
We went with my mother in the red corner. I immediately ordered, ordered in advance mom drives and zhrachku grandfathers. And I went to my mother. In the gray, hard life in the army she was sorry and comfort me that the service is fast prletit. I told her, as a service, how we live here, we are taught. But I never told her about hazing in the part and its harsh laws. After half an hour to us in the area looked on duty on the company of and called me. I went out and saw two grandfathers - Cazac and Mamed. I was surprised ruled like all that they promised.
- Now you will go to the smoking room and you smoke while you will not call realized.
Orders grandparents in the barracks were not discussed because of their failure to comply threatened long bullying young soldier. They dived down to meet me in the red corner, and I wandered into the smoking room smoking as ordered. I had time to smoke a cigarette before the smoking room came on duty on the particle Major Ponomarev and wondered:
- Wow to nimu mother he came, and he sits here vkurivaet, Nuka ran to his mother. -
I broke into a corner. At the entrance I met as I knew standing on palivo another grandfather. I outlined to him the situation and he reluctantly pushed me inside.
Inside was a picture of a tense. The mother was knocked over on the couch. Her skirt was Zadran, boots with tights and white panties lying on the floor. Mamed held her hands clutching the back of the sofa, and the Cossack dryavil hand her pussy. With one hand he held her legs wide apart, and the second with terrible rapidity rubbed her pussy with two fingers, as if trying to get her out of the fire, or like a saw, Peel it from the inside to the navel. Sometimes spitting on a finger to break the last remnants of resistance in the big pussy of my mom. She was pressed against the back of the sofa, his eyes narrowed, his mouth was open, and it is often hard to breathe her body was arched by a voltage derived from the struggle and from the onslaught of two pecking her toes, reigns supreme inside her pussy.
They almost did not pay attention to me, my mother could not recover from the frenzied fucking and grandfathers were bezraznitsy markups. Mom cried suddenly arched, moaned loudly and slumped gasping. She saw me. But the grandfather did not give her time to recover. Cossack pulled up her skirt higher and again raised her legs over the couch. Yes, my mother had beautiful legs, though silent thick and flabby thighs. Her big pussy was all wet and deployed, red and rastrahannaya. Under pussy could be seen for at least a sweet ass, which for some reason, no one has yet thought of. Kazak took both her legs by the ankles, threw them to the side and pulled up almost to the mothers face Mammadov keep them. Cossack threw one arm sex lips so that seemed the clitoris. Spitting on his second hand he sal pull it from side to side rapidly quickly leading him on vpravo- left. As soon as he began to do my mother again, he closed his eyes, breathed sweet. Kazak not slow down the pace, and my mother writhed harder and harder, moaning loudly, begging him to stop, but the Cossacks only intensified the pressure. Finally my mother arched and screamed. Her body began to pound on the couch.
Kazak removed his hand from her mother's pussy almost to the ceiling shot urine fountain, but she did not even notice. Cossack with Mamed stood over her and rastegnul pants of which escaped to languor Rouge members in the army. Mom has calmed down a bit limp and panting. Mamed approached her, took her silky hair and turned to the penis. Mom looked at the second member, and then in a frenzy and rrychaniem simply rushed to his cock and grabbed it in his mouth and began to suck, second hand Fingering member of the Cossacks. They laughed triumphantly. Quickly removing her stripped to her bra and blouse with a skirt, leaving her completely naked, put on korachki on the sofa and began to fuck in the mouth and pussy. I was told to go and call all the other boys. I called them and they fucked up the evening of her. In the evening they finally left us together, giving mom a couple polotenits.
She dressed quickly dried herself and wanted to run away, but I caught her and sat on the couch, but she did not dare to resist me. She was afraid to look at me. Seeing the mound in my trousers she rushed to him and unzipped his pants began to make me a blowjob. Oral turned quickly, I was so perevozbuzhdёn that finished second for 30. Then I spent it.
All next week in the company and it was only speculation about how Grandpa fucked my mother and what she mokroschelka. Officers joked that in the company of a new army whore.
After a month waiting for her arrival is not one myself. In the red corner we gathered grandfathers. When my mother and I went all by abstinence immediately stood up at her mother. They pounced on her on their knees what it was and she began to suck them all. FIHM they stripped her and fucked the whole day. This time my mother was very beautiful black bra and a very sexy panties, which have long been simply pushed aside, as she was wearing stockings with beautiful suspenders. Once again, I was the last.
At this time, my mother did not come to me. We dismiss our muster. I saw her only from a distance at the Wort PPC. She met them. Four days later I got a call Mamed and raskazal they fuck it all night long in the sauna, and then the train took her where they wanted and how they wanted.
FIHM I resigned myself. On the threshold I met his father, who because of the work could not see me in the army. Already that evening I secretly fucked mother from him. She has long been my whore and I used it to satisfy his sexual fantasies. I forced her to work as a prostitute the night, sleep with the dogs and much more ...
Maybe we will change?
Through the eyes of Ines
What the hell he called me? Now I sit and watch you toed shoes vozish on the floor, rummaging in the bedside table, and even the eye can not lift, because I know that fire in them now is very noticeable.
Mumbling something about Carrie ... Yeah, Carrie, your eternal love ... Poor becomes, when I remember how she hugged you yesterday on the shoulder, and then, as it were accidentally pulled the arm down ... And you went to smoke in toilet. Who are you kidding? I know very well that you do not smoke ...
The telephone rang. SMS from Dave. "Where are you?" I type an answer, and you're still mumbling something. Damn, Frank, shut up!
"I am Frank."
- You are listening to me?
I raised my eyes.
- Sorry, no.
"What the hell are you forgotten?"
- I'm talking about the song says, you do not hear too?
About the song? Oh, sure, Carrie wrote a song and asked him to read you ...
- I Heard. Come here ... this song.
"The song I read."
I take a piece of paper in his hands. What the hell?!
- Turn - slightly mocking voice of Frank exasperated. Flips.
"Taking the time! Come running to me. "
Damn, well, Carrie and handwriting, no shit can not tell!
"I can not. Song read. "
Gradually I grasp the meaning of the lines and understand that it's incredible. This text ... How many different emotions, feelings ...
"What's the song, her mother?"
What is the song that the song ... Chic song. Heck, Carrie, you're a genius ... play keyboards, sing, and now even write songs will?
"Kerry wrote. I'm shocked. "
I finish to the end and give Frank sheet.
- Beautiful, huh? - He asked eagerly.
- Very, - I translate the spirit. The phone rings again.
- Hell, enough already rewritten, Ines!
- Yes, yes, a second ...
"Carrie is able to write ?! I am also shocked. Do not scare me. To two minutes in my room, or strangle. "
- Frank, I drove to Dave for five minutes, then come back and we will continue.
I go out of the room. What will continue? We still did not even started.
Carrie, to her ... She's smart, everything would be fine, but only that it is abnormal attachment to Frank ... Frank to my ...
I stop at the door of Dave, rub his eyes with his hands and enter.
- Good, I thought you were not coming - he collapsed on the bed and click remote control.
- There Carrie wrote a song ... - I sit down on the bed next to Dave's hand immediately crawls under my shirt.
- Score it into the computer, and then look at - even his voice does not change, only leads me cold fingers along the spine. - Song writing - it's my prerogative. How Carrie appeared in the gift of the poet?
I know something. Just like to say to Dave? I turn my head, and suddenly comes to him.
- Ahh ... - and his eyes are the size of saucers - so Carrie and Frank ...
I nod, turning his head. Damn this Carrie. How many times per day.
- Hmm, but you did not write any songs when we are with you ... - he pulled me to him and I almost fell on the bed.
- That's your prerogative, remember? - I turn on the belly, look into his beautiful dark eyes. He tilts his head a little, kiss me. He smells of mint chewing gum and spicy scented water. I can not say that I do not like it. Perhaps I love. Yet Frank ... It's a different story.
- What are you thinking about?
I raised my eyes.
- So ... About Franke ...
God, I said that out loud ?!
- And for Carrie - I decide to add.
- And it that?
"She's a bitch" - turns on the tongue. But I say more.
- Yes, this song it ... You know, she's beautiful. Rather, there should be something slow. There will be a need to understand, I have this somehow does not make friends, you know.
I sit down, shake - Dave all the crumbs in the bed.
- Tidy, slut - he replied slaps me on the ass.
- Where are you going?
- By Frank. It is necessary to deal with this song.
- If there meet Carrie, tell that I am waiting for her at home.
I nod and leave. So, I wonder, at first he was waiting for me at home, and now Carrie ... It all such visits like?
God, am I jealous? It would be foolish to be jealous, considering that Dave did not even realize that I'm in love with my best guy friend.
By the way, if Dave really like Carrie ... Although I am ... He just wanted to ask about the song, that's all, and I am already ... However, if you still like Carrie Dave, we could ... change that if ...
I went back to the room to Frank. You sit back to me and scribble SMS-ki. Well, as I swore ...
- Where have you been? - Even the head does not turn.
- Dave.
- What you say?
- About the song Carrie.
- And like the song?
- Excellent song - again sit on the bed.
- Score it to my laptop, then it will be necessary to deal with the music.
- Dave just said. He is now called Carrie to her, apparently worn out about this.
- Called? - Frank straightened, looking at the door and somehow ominous, - you know, Dave and Carrie ... lately ... you did not notice?
I am trying for a cough to hide all the emotions.
- No, I did not notice - leans back on his elbows, looking over his shoulder to your phone. Correspondence with Ron.
- What is it about you and Ron? - I stated view on the phone. Frank immediately closes all posts.
- None of your business - too quickly throws it to me and stands up.
- Come on, I just wondered - I watch him indifferent glance - and you're so wary about Kerry? Between you something to eat?
- Maybe - said Frank and went to the bathroom.
- Maybe ... it's like I can not see ... do you think I'm blind? - Mutter quietly to the sound of sizzling water escaping from the tap.
- What are you Burch? - Heard his voice from the bathroom.
- Oh, nothing ...
Again glance at a sheet with the song - he is still lying there. Poring over lines. They just draw. "And your eyes light for me as a lifeline, like a moth flying at him ..." Well, yes, you can get lost, but if we impose on the music, certainly have something amazing.
The door opens, and in the number of drops in Carrie.
- Knocking did not teach? - I am asking too rudely.
- A Frank in the shower? - Ignoring my question, he asked Carrie.
- In the shower. You Dave called to her - and watch her reaction. No. Or maybe it's just self-control.
- Called? What for? - And his voice still a little changed.
- No idea.
- Okay. Tell Frank that I came, left the keys - she puts something on the table with a TV and have wanted to leave.
- Carrie! - She turns. - The song is super.
- Thank you, - she smiles and walks away.
I want to go play on basuhe. Play, for example, Ein Neuer Tag. Frank comes out of the shower, wet hair, the droplets run down the bare back. I would like to come up and draw a drop followed a path first finger, then tongue. And a little bite of the cervical vertebra, there he is like sticks out, just calling ... and kiss the cleft between the collarbones, and then behind the ear ...
Hell. Well, great. I look down. Frank goes around the room around, obviously looking for something.
- Ines, you have not seen the keys?
- What are the keys? A! Carrie came, skidding.
- She came? - Frank stopped in his tracks. - Why do not I called?
- I did not dare to tear you from taking water treatments, Herr Listing. There they are, lying near the telly.
Frank turns, continuing to wipe the head with a towel, and bends down to the table with a TV. It was the last straw. Maybe then I'll regret, but now I do not care about absolutely everything.
I jump first to the door and close it with a key, and then to Frank, still standing in the pose of marine life, and is pressed to the wet back. He shudders, straightens up.
- Ines, are you?
Inhale the scent of his hair ... finally I fulfilled his long-held desire - to spend on the lips of the cervical vertebra track ... to the ear, one arm around his waist, another burrow into the hair, hugging her.
- Ines, do not ... - Frank whispers softly and warmly, bending his head forward. Now I just do not stop ... I turn the Frank to his face, I can see in his eyes the confusion and excitement at the same time. Spend your fingers down his cheeks, gently and at the same time passionately on the lips bites. He first hesitantly, then with the same fervor answers me.
Intertwining with them languages, if playing, and his fingers for a long time to pull off my T-shirt. Light prevents ... Looking up for a moment from his amazing lips, take off a T-shirt over his head and then turn off the light. All the flies on the floor - do not care, moving back to the bed, lay down, Frank falls on top of me, and it gets so that all thoughts just once from the head out. Wraps his legs, the body feel like he wants ... Run my Frank on the back, sides, he pressed me so hot that just have no strength to hold back ... Frank lips touching my neck, gently kissing, little bites the skin, his tongue, and leaves one more passionately.
I barely audible whisper his name, throwing back her head and vtseplyayas fingers into his back. Kissing, small and hot, everything that comes to hand, that is, under his lips, he is trying to cope with the zipper on my jeans - hands are shaking with excitement and not a damn thing to be seen in the dark.
- I want you ... - Frank whispers, and from this all too mind-blowing. Now it happens ...
Suddenly, the door knocking.
- Young people do not want it to distract you from yours, of course, highly intellectual marathon, but we're all going in the lobby, on the agenda of the new song. You two minutes, otherwise ... well, in short, you understand.
When Dave walked away from our door, I groaned in disappointment. Frank holds a hand on my cheek.
- Five seconds - and he kisses me, so that just the head starts to spin, the air too little, but hell, so good!
Finally hardly tear myself away from him.
- We will continue to - whisper, back buttoning jeans and fumbling on the floor in search of T-shirts. - I just let you go.
Frank somehow childish giggles and turns on the light. At first I schuryus, I can not make out, and then get up, Frank had already dressed and went to the door.
- Frank ... - I run up to him and look into his steel-gray eyes. They both always shines warm, but I feel something, I know that they do not promise me any good ...
- What? - he smiles.
- Nothing. Come on, guys waiting for us.
The lobby seems a lot of people, when in fact only seven people. I see how Carrie whispers something in the ear of Dave, the smiles are not innocent smile. He notices me and frowns. Obviously, I still have a crazy facial expression, this time he pulled a face. Frank saw it, too, whispering, and that smile, the same thought came to his head. He leans to my ear and whispers, a little tickling and burning breath:
- Maybe we will change?
Eyes Carrie
Mlyat. I do not know how to play poker. Damn that Dave. Bitch.
- So, Carrie once again presents us with a striptease.
- It was the last - I emphatically koshus Dave and take off his shirt.
- It is only because you seem to be - the snorts, looking at a lot of things around me. What is it? Windbreaker, one shoe, sneaker other ... Do not worry, I still have the belt, jeans and bra, damn this ushlepok not receive.
Inez laughs. I translate it to look - collapsed on the floor, leaning on his elbows. Beast. Look how Frank looks at it - it's not just. Or something today already, or something else will.
Ines looks up, I smiled sweetly at me. Without shirt cold still. Suddenly Frank rises, comes up to me, from the pile of things gets a jacket and throws it on my shoulders.
- Freeze else - he whispers in my ear, lightly touching his lips.
- This is not entirely fair, - I answered as quietly, so that only he heard.
- I do not care about honesty. In addition, I do not quite like the way Dave was staring at you.
Smiles, chuckles, looking at the map. Oh, really! Got a good alignment, there is a chance, if not win, at least not lose.
I look back everyone. Dave looking somewhere to the side, it seems to Ines. That's right, look at each other, the dove. That would be rolled to its Dave, nothing of my Frank spud!
Ron looked at his cards and nearly asleep. He obviously had a rough night.
We Jana simply indescribable expression. Similarly, at this time I do not have to undress. Such a feeling he was going to bite your elbows will start. Do not worry, Ian, all will be well.
Frank writes something. Socially freezes bites a pen, staring intensely into the leaf. What did he say?
- Carrie, your move - Dave brings me back to reality.
And - yes, yes, yes! - I did not lose! There is still justice in the world! However, the mood plummeted when I see that Frank slips just scribbled piece of paper in his hand Ines. She seemed to be quietly removes his pocket.
I was starting to shake slightly. That much I can not bear. I watch as Yang reluctantly pulls the jersey, and put the cards on the floor.
- I'm leaving, - collect things.
- What, tired of working for free as a stripper? - Dave nasty grins. How do you want to kick it! But instead I take Frank's hand, rises to his feet and said:
- And you're coming with me.
Ines somehow unpleasant grinning after me.
We go to my room. I began to dress. Frank stands and silent. Either he is too proud to start a conversation, or he has nothing to say or he was afraid of my terrible appearance.
Finally I dressed completely and turn to him. Silent. Select words. He, too, was silent at first looks to me exactly in the eye, then looks away.
I go down helplessly on the bed. Even no words. Just I do not know what to say. I sit down, and then go to bed looking at the ceiling. I hear how Frank sits down timidly and uncertainly. He understands what it is. I not once bounced by Ines with an embarrassed face, when I found myself in sight. And Ines even before hiding their intentions, and now all raskhozyaynichalas. All makes such a person, they say, will rock the boat - kicked out of the group. Lidersha, EPT.
And that Dave ... Allows your slut run to neighboring peasants, Ines everything goes with it. And Dave thinks times Ines Franck entices me, then I myself will go to him. Right now, I overclocked. I am for Frank will fight to the last, his teeth will tear if necessary. Another thing is that he himself is obviously still like Ines ... more than I do.
- I love you - slowly and distinctly, very quiet all of a sudden says Frank. I turn my head - it looks to me a sad look.
I decide to build yourself wronged diva, turn away.
He lies down beside him. Supports the head with her hand, the other puts his hand on my stomach. Immediately it becomes somehow warm. Yet I turn my head.
What is he to Ines? A toy. Means relax. The body is just the body to meet the physical needs. And I love it. It is for me - everything, and not for nothing that I wrote that song! About Eyes light, they then shone for me ... and I was ready to give everything, all of them! ..
And now I do not know - my it's not my ...
- I love you, Carrie ...
I do not believe. Anything but that - a lie.
- Love very very much.
I still do not believe it.
- Well you want, I prove?
- What else to test you? - I snort with contempt. - You're not a nuclear bomb to test you ...
Although the effect is about the same.
- You're just playing with my feelings. You do not know what it is ... My life without you - nothing. And you with that ... It hurts so much ...
He lowers his eyes. Shame on him, I guess. I remember our first kiss.
We then removed the clip on Neustart. Some building ... It was very cold, and I climbed up high. It was a difficult period in my life ... and Frank was always trying to be close, so I would not do something silly. And here I am sitting at a height of forty-two floors on a thin beam, smoked, I windswept.
I was a little dropping her eyes from the cold air flow. Suddenly he heard behind him the voice.
- Carrie! You are crazy? Now, get down from there!
I did not even bother to turn around. Frank here will not climb - is too high.
- Where to get off? Top - I looked up - or down? - Down.
- Carrie, please, come back here.
- I'm not so selfish to interrupt the shooting right in the middle - I said softly, and the wind blew my words did not carry them to Frank.
- What? I can not hear you! Come back, please! - He obviously wanted to climb up to me, but it was too scary, and he stayed.
And I was already in love with him. And perhaps in part because it was on the beam. The desire to jump was so strong that I could hardly hold back. I flattered themselves with the hope that everything will be okay, and maybe all is not lost, since he came back to me ...
He said some words that I am the way they need a ... I almost did not listen. The cigarette was over, burned my fingers. I reached for the second and nearly fell.
- Carrie! Come back, I beg you! - Frank's voice broke on the verge of hysteria.
- What for? - I did not want to hurt him, I just have not seen the line between nightmare and reality.
- We need you - he tried to control himself.
- And you tell me not - I threw. Cruel, yes. Maybe even too much. But I did not care.
- You need just to me - he said it so softly that I almost never heard.
- True? - I lowered my head.
- The most truthful truth on earth - he seemed very shocked because he says. I got up, staggered, then he turned and climbed down from the rafters. Frank was so pale, frightened ... rushed to me and embraced, as if afraid that I'll change my mind, and I will get back. And I whispered in his ear, clutching her:
- True, really need?
- True, true - he just turned his head and nuzzled my neck.
- Honestly? - I put her lips to his forehead.
- Honestly...
- Strong-strong? .. - I'm a little moved away and looked him in the eye. And they suddenly began to shine the light exactly.
- It is - and it, pulling me by the neck, touched his lips to mine. At first I was scared, I thought - how is it ... But Frank is very long and slow as if to warm my lips, and I finally said to him. Wasted his tongue into her mouth, he buried his fingers in my hair and a little pushed back on his head, drawing closer to him. And standing at the construction site, at the forty-second floor, blown by the winds of all directions, we just showed how much need each other ...
I do not know, as we all the time could be encrypted. Maybe we just needed to be together, and that's enough, because sex was for us a sort of reward for good behavior, and we did not run to the toilet on every moment. Well, only once, when I referred to the fact that we need to have a smoke. Ines, the cattle, so looked like I did private property is privatized.
- Do you remember how you saved me?
Frank looked up. For a long time they were the light does not shine.
- Spas?
- Well yes. There, at a construction site ... Do you remember? Honestly...
It is not good it was at this moment to call him the memories, but I was wondering if he remembers. And he remembered ... And then he lay down next to me.
- So after I did, and I say that I love you, - he kissed me the same as then. I did not answer, still sulking at him, but it was just like that day. And now he lies on top of me and kisses as if the last time in his life. And what really last? ..
- Frank, you do not leave me? - I tear myself away from him and look into his eyes. I just can not believe - they shine!
- Of course not, Carrie ... do not give up, never in my life! I'm so in love with you ...
- True true? - I smile slyly.
- True, true - he, too, she smiles and kisses me.
- Honestly? - I close my eyes and threw his head a little.
- Honestly, honestly, - Frank continues to cover my neck with kisses.
- Very very? - I am already preparing for a new attack and a little bite his lower lip.
- Highly...
Frank Eyes
Ines does not hear me ... She never listens. I do not know why I was so drawn to her. Honestly I do not know. Her eyes, her lips, her hands ... It's driving me crazy ...
Carrie is not so. She is listening. She looks up and smiles. He loves me ... Yes, I loved it shows. She loves all of me.
Ines for a long time knows that we are together with Carrie. She vzelas on it almost immediately. Certainly, at first just intuitively. At Ines well developed intuition ... She just hates Carrie, oh yeah ...
And I always want to protect her ... she seems so helpless ... I love Carrie longer life. Most of the life that I saved her. I do not like to think about it, but sometimes, when she seemed to inadvertently alludes me. And sometimes he specifically to stir up those points in mind, not to forget that all the more important in my life, Carrie, not Ines.
Ines frantic. I was amused. It is like and see what I like with it, but understand that I am still with Carrie. And nothing can help it. And furious.
Ines cool. It's great kisser, always very exciting, with her cool sex ... Yet Ines - not Kerry. And Inez I need, yes. But I love Carrie simply really.
Carrie certainly angry. But as always, words simply do not have. She looks with anger and disappointment, with some bitterness ... I hesitate and I can not even ask for forgiveness. And I give myself a vow that it was the last time, but Inez like a drug ...
A couple of times I wanted to say - leave me alone! But I do not want to hurt someone I care. Carrie forgives me every time, and I am getting svolochnaya and svolochnaya.
Caring Carrie simply touches ...
I wildly headache, throat tears up, aching entire body. I then hot, then cold ... In short, I was a little cold.
I lie in my bed and try not to think about what I think I'll die soon just what concerts throughout Germany was canceled that I tortured the poor Carrie, I for the first time so shitty ... I am glad only one thing - that the disease is not contagious and I do not stuffed Carrie their bacilli.
That door opens and she comes. In the hands of something bears. I even just from the contemplation of his beloved back, for some reason dressed in pale pink shirt, getting better. She turns, smiling slightly - also glad to see me. Although, in general, we have not seen each other only about forty minutes.
- Well, how are you? - Carrie puts it all on the bedside table, sits down, touched my forehead with his hand. - I brought you some food there ...
I'm doing a pained face. Force is not even now is to breathe, especially the fact that there is.
- Come on, the sun, you need to eat - she pats me on the head and looks back on the bedside table - bring everything you need now, and more ...
I do not give her a complete, turn, attracts and start enthusiastically kissing. Immediately it becomes easy, almost nothing does not hurt, and I understand that I love her so much ... Even no words to express it, and I'm just a little stronger than embrace it. I feel a bit like Carrie tight squeezes my shoulders when I spend my tongue slowly over her tongue, and then shut, slightly biting the edge of her lips. Finally, look up from her, she was flushed and his eyes glisten ...
- ... And I brought apples, you now need vitamins - Carrie ends up breathless voice - and even there I bought a tablet and then drink, but I them, it seems, in a jacket left.
She jumps up and quickly leave my number. Yeah, that's the Carrie - she will express all your thoughts, even on a variety of topics, in one sentence, and then goes in English. Well at least that is always returned.
I sit down, pick up a cup of broth, start slowly there. Warmly, throat burn, but tasty.
Carrie returns, puts it on the nightstand ... three packs of pills.
- Three? - I was frankly surprised.
- Antipyretic, expectorant and antibiotics - Carrie's looking at me in such a strange look that I had never been able to solve, - let's eat, and then cooled.
- Well, darling, - a sly smile. She smiles, picks up the remote and start clicking channels. I look at her back in a pink shirt on the hair strands falling down, so you want to touch them, but I can not - in the hands of the broth, a cup with one hand can not be kept.
- Why are you dressed? - Finally I ask.
- Ines, infection, poured me cola.
Yes, it is able to Ines. Always trying to make a muck Carrie, and she even she can not answer.
- And you tell her that for this? - Though, indeed, I already know the answer.
- Nothing. And what I had to do? - Finally turns around and looks at me - I'm not vindictive.
I eat up your soup. Because of satiety and the weakness of the disease is very sleepy. I put the empty cup on the bedside table, I lay down on the pillow. Carrie puts control, takes the package of pills, reads.
- Yeah, so it is necessary ... - he squeezes into his open hand two tablets, - antipyretic drink before going to bed, it is now - holds out his hand with medicine and glass of water.
- I do not want - I whined like a child. But Carrie such a strict view that it is necessary all the same drink. She calms down, puts the glass, move closer to me and then takes control. I go down below, put my head on her chest, involuntarily to look like she puts her legs, smiling. Kerry, in turn, goes through my hair with his free hand, pats on the head. I feel that I really want just limitless, but my condition is not allows you to, and I just sigh, settling comfortably.
TV flashes all - there is nothing interesting there, and Carrie hurts poor control. Finally found some program about NZ reproduction ladybirds, and discards the remote starts to spin me plait.
- Carrie, are you kidding? - I laugh - it is you need to braid pigtails, not for me, you have long hair.
It merely snorts, leans over and kisses me on the forehead. I'm Exhausted, muttering under the influence of TV and Carrie, swarming in my head, I feel that now go to sleep. And in my head spinning a few questions to ask and they need to be right now, before I left for the kingdom of Morpheus.
- Carrie, and if I am not treated, what will happen?
- You will beat Inez. Then he would get up from the ground, and will beat again. Then he would get up from the ground specifically for Dave, and you will beat it already.
- And you? - Smile.
- What about me? I'm not such a sadist, I do not need.
- And you is pink - taking her by the hand, attracts.
- Say thank Ines.
- Thank you, Inez, - like an echo, I repeat, and I fall asleep ...
I wake up. Dark. I would like to cough, but I'm afraid to wake up Carrie. I put a hand on her half, but it's empty. In a panic, I sit down, I start to feel the bed to my right.
- Carrie? - Quietly and hesitantly call. Silence. - Kerry! - Have loudly.
- What happened? - It pops out of the closet.
- You're here, Lord, I really thought ... - lean back on the pillow. For a few seconds - and she sits down next to me hugging.
- Well, what are you, I just went to the toilet - stroking my hair, on the back, hugs the waist and cuddle. I relaxed smile and ask:
- What time is it?
- Twelve yet. Have a drink, by the way, a tablet, once awake.
Puts me in hand a tablet to another - a glass of water. I drink, I go. I want to cough. Light simply tears up. Carrie turns away for a moment, I press my hand to his mouth and coughed quietly. She turns and looks a strange look.
- Are you short of breath?
- No, I'm trying to cough.
- Does not work?
- Even as the floor ... - and then severe coughing attack just throws me on the pillow. I suffer about half a minute, and then quietly and fearfully said:
- I probably woke the whole floor.
- Yes, spit on the whole floor - Carrie pressed me utykayas nose on the cheek. Very dark, but a thin strip between the curtains shines a flashlight, and I see it reflected in the eyes of Carrie. She occasionally blinking, looking away.
- Carrie, what are you thinking? - Finally I asked, running her finger to her neck.
- About the video Ein Neuer Tag.
- And why? - Slightly lifts her chin, she looks me in the eye.
- Remember, there is at the very beginning there is a moment where we embrace?
I chuckled. Operators were able to remove it, and then it is mounted in the clip. I get peace, yes ... but it was very private, that did not want to stand somewhere beyond.
- I remember - I answered barely audibly. Carrie pressed me harder. From it smells really at home: freshly laundered linens, cakes and Drug Administration. And then there are faint smell of cigarettes and toilet water. I slowly stroked her back, every time she bends a little, when I spend my fingers on the coccyx. The feeling is that a couple of seconds, and it zamurchit.
I studded nose behind the ear, sniffing. Slightly kisses. I do not have to reach out to her lips, because the head is turned in another direction, and rotated completely broke - I was almost asleep. I decide that tomorrow morning be sure to kiss her, strongly strongly, gently, gently ...
And I fall asleep with these thoughts ...
Eyes Dave
How it all began ... And actually, with what? Oh, it's a long story ...
Can not say that I suddenly at some point I realized that I wanted to be with Ines. Or that I love her ... Ugh, what nonsense. This is for jerks. Just over time, our relationship turned into something between a strong friendship and sex.
Then our group was just formed. Innocent first attentions began to grow into something more ... is not entirely innocent. I do not remember when we first kissed, but since then, no matter where I was, with whoever I can not stop thinking about her.
Ines as a drug. I think ... no, probably even sure that Frank also believes - despite their loyal love for Carrie.
Against Carrie, I have nothing. How to say ... If it were not against - I, too, if he would not mind. But she keeps me at a distance, his whole appearance indicating that we are best friends - and that's all. In general, I do not particularly upset - I and Ines is more than enough.
I went into her room. I see the bed and in my head at once there is a huge desire to be filled up on it and do not get up until the end of the world. Neck ache terribly, I put a voice, stretched leg. In addition, not enough sleep. But this is nothing compared to the fact that Ines was angry at me, and now do not want to.
She was hard without me - because on the other side waiting for her Carrie, ready at any moment to incinerate look righteous. But without me Ines hard, not just the body without her, without her lips - I want to be there, I was almost a physical break-up on it. Drugs to her.
I hear the noise of souls. Softly singing. Yes, a lover of Ines we sing in the bathroom. I throw away the cap somewhere in the side, pull together a T-shirt over his head, get out of the jeans. It's time to put up, and I know how.
I opened the door to the shower. There's so much steam that at first I did not see anything. Get to the bath, I pull back the curtain - Ines is back to me.
Exempt from the latest details of clothes, climbed into the bath. She still did not understand that I am here, that is singing. I want to hug her and hugged her, but the hands are cold, as always. Finally, I spend a little finger to her spine. She shudders, turns, dropping at the same time something on the bathroom floor. I take a step forward, pulling her to his waist. She sees, mutters:
- I think I did not allow you to still communicate with me.
- And I, in your opinion, I'll ask permission? - Approaching his lips to her ear .... It just somehow limp and says quietly:
- Leave me alone, Dave.
- Yes, of course - he kisses her on the cheek, a little bite earlobe, hand spend on the inner side of the thigh, - want me behind?
Ines uncertainly grunts and turns his head away. Slip palm just above, it hisses like a leaky hose. I smile, I removed his hand, in response to hear her disgruntled groan.
- You want me to leave - do pained face.
- Well - Ines itself attracts me and bites me on the lips. Heck, I was waiting for this, breath catches as the first time.
- Why are you such a bitch? - She whispers to me through the kiss. I do not want to break away from it, especially not want to answer this question, so I prefer to ignore it and go down below the lips on the chin, neck. Ines even more pulls me to him, I feel like she is excited, but now I wanted to play with her. I embrace it with one hand and stroked her back, I drive the other in the stomach, low, but no lower than mentally incised lines.
Ines is already beginning to go crazy, bites his lip, he threw his head back, breathing loudly, but is silent. I do not do anything, but its endurance is stronger, and I can not just look at the water droplets to run off on her chest, just bend and repeat their lips trajectory. I solve all the same no longer torment her and introduce her to just three fingers. Inez immediately around my neck - so it is more convenient to stay, it is checked repeatedly. I begin to make plain hand movement, while leaving weak hickey on her neck. I turn my head - eyes closed Ines, his brow slightly wrinkled. I hand the accelerating pace, she opens her mouth in a silent scream. I almost feel his lips find her lips, she frantically replied tongue caressing my mouth, biting my lip.
A couple of seconds - and finished Ines groaned sweetly. I can not help but kiss her again in the neck.
Ines is still holding on to me, stand up, it is almost no longer can. Unhook it from me, I turn to his back. She immediately grabs hold of the towel holder. At first I was indignant that the shower is located directly above this bracket - they say, towels get wet, but then we found a use for it.
I extend a hand to the mirror, looking for where I needed to touch the tube. In general Ines brains completely absent, she absolutely do not care, that the lubricant is the most conspicuous place in the bathroom.
However, I am at the moment it does not care, open tube, squeeze his fingers begin to stretch it. Knees slightly Spreading her legs, pulled to himself, spending his hand on the small of the back. Finally, it covers the hips, enter up to half, slow, then to the end. Ines arches, moaning softly. I begin to move quickly, flashing colored dots in the eyes. It seems to me, Ines groaned so loudly that it now hears the whole floor, well, I do not care, I can not reach out and hold her mouth. I've been like this, and now the desire is not quenched. Accelerates, hear Inez whispered, "Not so fast ... ... wait a minute ..." but her tone just pray about the opposite of the opposite, and I just ignore this phrase.
Strongly curled belly to her back wet and hot, it bends and turns, I can barely keep her. I feel that there are very few, close my eyes and finish with a loud groan. It takes five minutes, and perhaps forever, when I start to think, though, to be honest, do not want to. I stumble foot on something, slips and nearly falls. I have time to grab the Ines, she bends down and picks up a bottle of shower gel, put it on the shelf. I get out, take out the towel, we're both in it wrapped and stand for several minutes, not saying a word. I stroked her on the cheek, kiss on the closed eyelids, in the tip of the nose, and it stands as a petrified.
Suddenly the door someone knocks, and a loud voice asked:
- Ines, you Dave?
It's Ron.
- I - meets Ines.
- How you're done, Dave, do you hear, Frank wanted something there to discuss.
- Okay, - I say irritably. Damn, Frank ... What does he want from me again?
- I have to go, - I whisper.
- Yes, of course ... - meets Ines. I was surprised to look at her. Usually in such cases, it hangs around my neck, shouting: "Do not let go!"
Exit out of the shower. I pull all the clothes scattered on the floor, Ines lies on the bed. Stealthily I am watching her. What is it beautiful ...
When I packed up and was about to leave, I heard a sound behind him, like a sob. I spun around. Ines sat with his hands clasped in her lap, staring straight at me. In her eyes something suspiciously bright.
- Ines, what's wrong?
- A? - She came back to reality - nothing, all right, Dave ...
- Exactly? - I schuryus suspiciously.
- Yes, yes, - she made a feeble attempt to smile.
- Well, - I calm down - I'll be back soon.
- Come, - she says, and adds something, but what - I did not hear.
Through the eyes of Ines
- Ines, what's wrong?
- A? - Roused me - nothing, all right, Dave ...
- Exactly? - Dave suspicious squints.
- Yes - I try to smile.
- Well - he calms down - I'll be back soon.
- Come, - I say quietly add - and you can not go back ...
No sooner had the door closed behind Dave, I burst into tears. All life is over. I feel like the last whore.
Why, why did it Dave? After all, I do not have any feelings for him! I would no longer have anything to do with him, but still gave herself to him ... I myself ... It turns out, he did not do anything ...
- I hate ... - in impotent rage I whispered. Not only know, in whose address was written, Carrie, Dave, or ... Frank? He broke my heart ... But, where does Frank? What was I thinking when he tempted? What hope? I thought that he would stay with me? Naive ... After all, sex - it's the only thing that unites us. And nothing more ... It was evident that he loves Carrie and me just having fun. And now he just got tired of all this ... Because I know why he called Dave.
He wants to tell me that it's over between us ... Why did not he tell me about yourself? Although it does not matter ... What do I do now ... After all that, I can not be with Dave ...
Carrie ... I blame most of all in front of her. How could I separate them? Carrie loves, really loves Frank, and I ... I do not know what I feel for him ... No, not love ... The passion, obsession ... For more I can do. I just litter satisfying sexual desires. Just anxious whore. And Frank and Dave just used me ... And then I say that I love ...
The feeling of worthlessness floods me, the tears flow freely. Now I know who I hate most. Himself. Only yourself.
I get up and begin to put on. Do I get an irresistible desire: to escape aimlessly, far away from everything, start a new life ... But this is impossible ... Impossible?
My gaze falls on the window. And everything falls into place. I'm to blame for everything, and the children will be better off without me. The only way out - to leave, to leave forever, to reduce their own lives and do away with all this forever. I smile happily these thoughts. And I just do not dawned before? ..
But I'm going to carry out his wish, how I remember about the guys. After all, you need to say goodbye ... metnuvshy to the table, I pulled out a piece of paper from a notebook and a large and without corrections wrote a suicide note. Leaving it on the table, I went to the window, opened it, and entered on the windowsill. On the thirteenth floor was very good review. Strong wind literally throws me back, as if suspended from the commission of such a reckless act, but I firmly held onto the frame. Already it getting dark, and the sky was covered with lead steel-gray clouds, through which penetrated rays of sunset. When I saw it, I so sweet and gentle stab in the heart ... These clouds reminded me of Frank's eyes ... Eyes that shine ... ...
- As the eyes of Frank ... - in the same breath I said, and made the fateful step into the void ...
Eyes Dave
I go to Frank. He's in his room on the bed, reading a book. I sit down next to all kind of showing that if he was not sick, I would have him personally showed that we should not distract the adult from serious cases.
- I wanted something that you have to ask - Frank lays the book and looks at me - could you tell Inez ...
At this point, Carrie walks into the room, smiling at me and sits down on the floor next to Frank, whispers something in his ear. Such simple, harmless movement - as he put away a strand of dark hair behind her ear, almost touching his lips to her cheek ... Too much at all of them gently, just snotty.
- Dave!
- A?!
Shudders, look at Frank. Well, I'm staring at them, and why? They're just such a wonderful couple ...
- Can you hear me?
- Aha, - squeeze out of yourself.
- Hell, what kind of people we have in the group as well? One can speak, while others say even zero attention!
- I listen to you, I listen, do not plant - soothes Frank.
- I would like to ask you, you said to Ines that she had calmed down and stopped to climb to Carrie, - she says Frank whispered, glancing at Carrie, standing near the TV. I make huge eyes.
- What problems?
Frank nods.
- And much more, - he continued in a normal voice, and then again lowers the tone - Ines constantly gets Carrie, I do not know what to do. She wants to separate us, but I like Carrie and Ines does not understand!
I sigh. Someone explain to Inez, how to behave! And always all questions to me, of course. Although, should pay for everything.
- Okay, I'll talk to her.
- Thank you, my friend, - Frank smiles.
- With you for that bottle of whiskey! - Pointing a finger at him, he laughs.
- Ok, I'm sold.
I came out of the room. Ines probably asleep, I will not touch it. But then we will have a serious conversation ... But I know how it will end. As usual.
I went into the room Ines. And as soon as I feel that it is not.
- Ines?
Open window and curtains fluttering ominously ... In the heart there is a bad feeling. I notice a note on the table, grab it and start to read voraciously.
"Guys, forgive me if you can. With this sense of guilt I can not live anymore. I'm leaving…
Dave, I'm sorry for what I have basely deceived you.
Carrie, I'm sorry for having destroyed your relationship. Only now I realized that I can not be happy, taking away the happiness of the other.
Frank, I'm sorry for what I have loved you ... "
Reading and re-reading the note, I could not understand what happened.
- I'm going ... - in different ways, I repeat - I'm ...
I'm leaving ... I look again at the window. And suddenly, in my clouded head appeared terrible guess. Really? ..
- INES !!! - Cry escaped from my throat, was not like the cry of a man. I rushed out of the room. And came face to face with Carrie.
- Dave, what happened ?! Your whole hotel heard a cry!
- Ines! Committed! With myself! - My voice broke.
- AS?! - The cry of jumped Carrie and Frank.
- Quick, follow me! - I shouted and rushed headlong down the stairs.
- Dave! Wait! - Frank shouted, and grabbed Kerry, ran after me ...
Two guys and a girl jumped out of the hotel, struggling rushed to the scene. Skirting the hotel, they ran to the place where the windows were located about Ines numbers. And froze. Massive picture struck them. Ines lying, arms outstretched as if to embrace the flower bed on which she fell. One leg is bent it was the second rectified. But the worst thing was not that. Neck Ines was unnaturally twisted and her head was turned to him. There was nothing worse than her dying grimaces. Her face was read peace and happiness, and a sky-blue eyes looked glassy-eyed Ines directly to Frank, but to see him she could not.
This happened when I was ss years. My mother sent me to summer camp! I was happy. I used neither when nor where neither went nor what he knew about this either. I've sat on a bus when a woman came up to me. I saw this woman about something before talking to our teacher.
- You, Sergei? she asked.
- Yes.
- In the bus there are no places for this you go with me in my car. With Tatyanoy Valentinovna I have talked! - Sit go, we will go now and come soon it!
I did whatever it took knowing.
- What is your name?
- Marina Georgevna!
We went. I did not know where to go for this or ask too many questions.
- I need you not to drive to the country against?
- No. So we went to her cottage.
When we arrived she put the car in the garage. We went from the garage to the house, so that no one saw me, no. Yes, even it was already evening.
We went into the house and she said.
- It's getting dark, and besides, she was tired, so we perenochyuem I have here, and tomorrow we will go!
- Okay, I said, and indeed, what could I say more! I was taken I was not familiar to the woman, where I am, I did not know. We arrived at the house, but in the vicinity when we went I did not see the houses. So if I wanted to leave, I did not know where to go. But she knew very well what I have brought court.
- It's late, and immediately take a shower in the bedroom!
- But I do not know where the bathroom and bedroom!
- Come here bath, then I'll show you your bedroom! - Take off your clothes now, I said quickly, or I will punish you!
So much on. She threatened me and makes her obey.
- NO! I will listen to you no!
- What ? You refuse? She hit me in the face. I fell, I did not expect that she did not udarit.Mama when I did not beat, and here I was someone else beats me to a woman and also requires me to obey it. More and still blow.
- Get up trash, now you got it! Now you will obey me? - Yes ! But I still do not fully know what she wants from me. I did not expect that women are strong. I had a shower. And it is at this time took all my stuff. Dress up, she gave me her panties for girls, and a transparent shirt!
- NO? - You again? - And she took the belt, the force delivered pose cancer and beat me on the ass.
- If you will not dress, it will go naked, do you understand me? The house was cool especially after a bath and I wore shorts and a shirt. She led me into the bedroom! It was a chest of drawers and a large bed. On the bed lay things for the girls all under my size. As if it is for all previously acquired.
- Yeah, now it's your new clothes and you will be HER DRESS OR I will punish you! Do you understand? And I said .- Yes I will wear just do not hit me! I realized that he was, and I have to obey it, or it will make me all that he wants. No one may know where I am. She introduced my educator like my mother, and that she had changed her mind so I went to the camp, and it takes me. She told me later! So that my mother thought I was in the camp, and the teacher, that I took my mother, because she neither knew May mother's face.
And so I got into sex slavery lustful female who wanted to fuck the boy as a girl. All summer, me or anyone interested in either, and she was doing with me all you want. At night, she came to me, lay down beside him. Her hand crawled under my panties, but I was afraid to touch it, and allowed himself. My cock stood up, she got up and sat on my face. - Suck bitch! I awkwardly started sucking her vagina! She pressed my face to his and I sucked. Then she pulled down my panties and smeared his finger with a children's cream. Then she smeared and my ass. And suddenly I felt her finger climbs up to me in the ass. I tensed up, she felt it and told to relax or be painful. But I did not let her, then she put me on the stomach and otshlёpola belt and then I stopped resisting.
Her finger penetrated my child, virgin ass. It was part of the way out by increasing or decreasing the tempo. My ass was razdrakonena her finger! Then she went to the dresser and took out a thing like a man's penis to buckle. She dressed him. Then she put me on all fours and rude, insolent start to rape me. My butt hurt and I screamed in pain. And she was laughing, crying baby it excites me! You do not care or who no hear! Then she left, closing my room.
In the morning she came and opened me, and told to dress. Doing nothing had to wear panties that I removed her bra and her short blue dress at night, a little skirt covered my ass but it was sitting on me as if specially sewn for me. She gave me a wig, summed up the mirror, make up my restnitsi and lips. I looked in the mirror and I saw myself. I looked like a girl. We see it is excited it took and put your faloimitator, lubricate it. Then he put me back on the bed and pushed the hem of her panties, put my legs on his shoulders and start brazenly raped me.
I have no shouting, no understanding himself, I started to moan loudly. I was beginning to like it. A day passed and the night when she came back to fuck me as a girl I had got myself into position. She came over and said. - Clever as you understand that none should resist, but rather obey! And suddenly I not even know why and what I said.
- Yes, Mother, I am your obedient girl, your daughter and I will be obedient girl pai! So I became her little daughter, obedient and submissive sex toy! My name is Michael, but she called me Mary! Last week, I got used to that, "Mommy," so I began to call her regularly fuck me.
But next week came another woman for 45 years.
- So this is my niece? Yes, I thought you vygledit older, and you're all baby!
- Yes, but she is very good girl!
- Meet daughter, this is your new aunt Lena!
- Hello! He greeted me, but I understood everything, she arrived to play a little bit with me amused. At night it came to me instead of "mom" my "aunt." Aunt Lena was much zhosche my mom. She beat me all night, forced to suck her pussy. And he raped me strap. I am very tired. All morning and night I slept. Me neither touched.
But the next day they came in vdaёm. One forced to suck the other ebla me, then they changed. In the morning, "Aunt" left. But evening came so to speak, my fresh-baked "Daddy"
- Well, hello little girl! - I'm your daddy! - Hurry to the room! I obediently went into the room. "Well, now daddy" who is next?
- Do you have any and listen to mom, but you're still no good girl! And he threw me face down on the bed and pulled me to the hem of my skirts and began to rape me in the ass. Then he put me on his knees and stuck his penis in my mouth and forced to suck. He was big and thick cock, but he forced me to take his cock in his mouth fully.
I sucked and zahlёbovalsya but "Mom" was filming everything on vidёo.
I was tired and decided to run away. At night, when they ustnuli. I podoshol to the door, "Daddy," forgot to close the door to the room. I podoshol slowly to the front door, I opened the door and ran. Soon I was on the highway. I saw the car and began golsovat. Machine ostonovilas I podoshol to it - Help me, I asked. In the car was a female driver, she was alone. She was 50 years old, and it seemed to me that I am saved. What did she help me.
- Sit down girl, what are you doing on the road at night?
- I'm not a girl, I'm a boy!
- Strange, but then why are you dressed in a girl? I do not like I stole one woman, she took away my clothes and dressed me as a girl. -What for? What did she want? What is she doing with you? Poor child, but as long as you're dressed as a girl, I'm going to assume that you're a girl. - It's too late I'm going to my house, you will go with me, because you still have nowhere to go, and besides, you have to change if you're really a boy! I believe she went with her to her home.
We arrived in the city but not in my home. She took me in a completely different city. Although my ... it was much closer, but I found out about it only later. We went into her apartment and the door closed. This good woman has become strict and domineering. She wanted to know the truth is that I'm a boy. She told me to lift up the hem. I refused, then she took the belt and began to beat me. And I obeyed. When we were driving in the car she was asking me about everything that did to me and I told her to fool all. She knew everything about me. She knew that I obeyed the woman and that I will not seek, t. To. I think that in the camp. And I once again got into sex slavery for women. And she had me raped me with their fingers. And then I bought a strap-on and fucked him already.
I woke up at half past eight in the morning and was told to put himself in order. So at any moment the client can receive. I took a shower, I have made up. She opened the closet with clothes and watched what would dress. I chose sexy lacy white underwear. She put him and lay on the bed waiting for customers.
An hour later, the door opened. A man came to look at fifty years of age, white-haired, with beautiful facial features. He handed me a check: One hour (anal blowjob +). It is clear, then in the pussy to fuck me he will not.
- What do you want?
The man, meanwhile, took off his jacket and shoes, left in a shirt and trousers, and greedily devoured me with his eyes.
- Thee because Dasha name?
- Yes.
- You really sixteen?
- Pure truth. I still do not have even a passport.
- Very good. I just love young girls. I am the director of a school. I love to fuck dvoechnits of the seventh - ninth grade in exchange for good grades. Yesterday there was a colleague of mine. You served him. Thanks - you're just super. So I decided to try it. They say, well you suck?
- Yes, with the thirteen years I'm doing every day for several blowjob.
- So I would have liked. Demonstrate.
With these words from the lowered trousers and I saw already standing member, thirsty my body. I walked over to the client, knelt down and gently tip of her tongue, licked the head. Which I absorbed all her mouth and plunging after it all the member his mouth, began to deliver his client heavenly delight. What - what, but I knew how to suck. The client sat down on the sofa and stroking my head, ordered to look into my eyes, while I suck it. I've noticed that guys like it when a blowjob I look them in the eye. Obviously, this gives them a sense of what that power over me, and my submission to their will. I sucked very gently, imagining how many schoolgirls age 14 - 16 suck the cock and drank from his sperm. A member was delicious. But sperm smell was felt. Perhaps he had recently finished. I sucked a lot, not a little about an hour. And have time to get bored. All this time sat on his haunches, looking into the eyes of the buyer of the body. He only occasionally squeezed my breasts, allowing me to fully manage the process blowjob. But, finally, his cock stiffened even more.
He pulled it out of my mouth and put my face so that the head is at the tip of my nose. After a few seconds, he began to finish. Sperm flew not far away and fell on my face. The points were very powerful. For once, he splashed about a tablespoon of semen spoon. Having made four - five shots of his cock managed oblyapat my face completely. Even his eyes were covered. Well, I managed to close them.
- Well done, Dashunya. Your mouth - truly a miracle.
- I even had time to get tired. You recently have ended?
- Yes, I made a blowjob eleven cheat. She goes deuce in mathematics for the quarter. So she corrected. Well now cup your ass. Sperm just does not wash off. You're so damn exciting. I hope you work her ass is not worse than the mouth?
I started on all fours and he opened the entrance to his point, stretching his arms buttocks.
- No no. Honey, lie down on your back. I want to see your face zavaflennoe.
I lay down on his back and place his legs wider. He got out of bed and took me by the leg and pulled closer to him. Member of it, despite the recent orgasm, standing like a stone, and he put it to the entrance of the anus. Lightly pressed and a member slipped into me without interference.
- For a long time you give in the ass, honey?
- For nearly two and a half years. With fourteen years.
- And how often?
- Everyday. Every day I fuck all three holes with different guys.
- Get?
- Well, in general, yes. Although now I like it. But my opinion is not asked. It is said to suck it, suck. Orders to give in the ass - give.
- Well, it is in general, that is correct. I have always been convinced that women are created to meet the men and teach them to do so it is necessary from an early age.
- And this dvoechnits you learn in school?
- But what about. Every day, some sort serves me yes.
While we had a conversation, his penis was moving freely in my ass. Despite the fact that she was not weak razebana, there was still crowded. For a long time my client could not restrain himself and, pulling out my cock again obkonchal my face.
When was the breakfast. He collected his cock cum on my face and sent it to me in the mouth. I am happy it licked.
The hour was approaching its end. He thanked me for fun, dressed and left, promising to return once again.
I pomylas. I brought myself up. Change of linen on a completely black, which gave me a sexuality and handed over to wait.
The door opened and two men entered. Young, twenty-five years. They handed me checks: Two hours, a full range of services.
- Well, boys? Let's start with minetik?
- No. Throw off the underwear and become cancer.
- Whatever you say.
I took off my bra, panties and started on the bed on all fours.
- Wow. Yes, you seem to have recently fucked?
- Yes, in the ass.
- Well, so much the better for you.
Guys instantly undress and one of them came up to me, sharply drove dick in my ass without lubrication and foreplay. I groaned in pain. Well, that fucked me recently, is to some extent reduced the pain. The second man came up to me in the front, and I felt his hot cock rested against my lips. Without explanation or orders, I began to suck. So I fucked with two ends in two trunks until they are tired. The guy gave me on the mouth, put the cock in my pussy. And the one who fucked my ass, put in your mouth. I do not know how much I fuck, but I'm tired of the order to stand in the same position. Everything was complicated by the fact that I had to do blowjob. It would be better fucked me in the mouth. But fortunately, I was ordered to lie on your side. One guy drove the cock in my ass, the other in the mouth. Both fucked me. My internal requests were heard, and I have not had the need to do blowjob. I just lay there like a doll, willingly exposing their workers holes under the terms of boys. Stay ebley mouth, the guy put me dick in pussy.
I felt the two members to fuck me, lapping each other through a thin partition between the anus and the vagina. Kaif. I began to moan. Boys smiled approvingly, and putting his hands on my boobs and my ass, began strongly to crush them. I did not care who it is paw my chest, who is paw priest, whose cock in my pussy, whose term in the ass. If only it lasted longer. I closed my eyes and leaned her head back and moaned unashamedly that the sounds could be heard in the corridor. And so they began to finish. Around my shoulder, and they both drove the entire length of their terms in my holes. I felt the sperm shoots into my body. And then I yelled at the whole corridor. I had finished with them. The door opened and the room looked alarmed guards. But seeing that everything is in order, and the guys just fuck me - shut the door. When he finished, the boys removed the cock and lay down on the bed, sending me down - to clean the tongue and suck their members.
Members were remnants of sperm and my discharge. I really liked the taste of the cocktail, and I suck dick with pleasure. However, to suck a man's penis I have always enjoyed. I felt no pleasure from blowjob only thirteen years old, and the first couple of months after the brother made me suck him. All the rest of the time, almost three years, I took in your mouth every day for several members and sucked them with great pleasure, drinking in the late acts blowjob cum, which they rewarded me for my nimble tongue, delicate sponge and skillful mouth.
However, I digress. When I cleaned the members, I did not stop there, and laid hands on their eggs, sperm began to gently massage the sources of both guys. My lips fluttered the one member, then the second - bringing them to life, pouring their blood and giving them the opportunity to re-fuck this bitch like me. And now ... the efforts of my jaw and tongue members are again in a combat position and ready for good sex. I get the order to lie on your back and legs dissolve in the direction of what I do with great pleasure. I do not know why, but it seems to me pose one of the most depraved. In this position she looks extremely accessible and not protected. Pushing the feet, I would want to tell the guys: "Here I am. Go fuck. Fucks his 16 - year-old bitch, which will take you to your body in any amount and never you will not refuse. "
I looked at myself in the mirror, standing in the room. All the same, I looked damn sexy and perversely seductive. One guy came up to me and settled down between my legs, drives me his cock in her pussy. Mmm, the buzz! I fuck again. And I like it. I feel like the walls of my vagina rubs young and strong piston. Balde. Boobs shaking to the beat movement guy. They obviously like it. The second man climbs onto the bed and brings to my lips with his cock. I turn my head and took the handle member at the base, insert it into your mouth. Again, I suck. What I vaflistka inborn. I never refuse to suck. Sponge work gently. Sometimes I take out a member of his mouth and lick the egg. Soon the guys are reversed. With members who had just fucked my pussycat, I lick my same juice. Delicious. We are pleased to continue to take one cock in pussy, the second - in the mouth.
Fucking does not last long. Men change again. Only this time, not in the pussy and ass. Again, I lick a member, who had been in my hole, only this time - ass. Changed places four times, guys are over my face and slightly nadrachivaya members, put me on the lips of the head. I stuck out his tongue and licking them with pleasure. My handle gently pat the egg guys. And here they are discharged at the same time, providing their members into my open mouth. Cum fountain shoots in my mouth and I swallow it with pleasure. Guys thank me for fun, dress up and go. Speaking to me at parting, that have not yet met a temperamental prostitute who would so love to fuck. I smile when he heard the compliment.
The door closes. And I'm waiting for the next customer. I looked at the clock. It's only two o'clock. Even a very long time to work. Already as many as 13 hours. And here again the guard lets the client. Watching check: One hour (blowjob + classic).
- An alien - tells me guard - from Germany. In Russian knows a few words and no interpreter with them. So look - do not screw it up. To well serviced.
- Of course - I say - give myself right.
During the guard closed the door and I walk up to her new client. I embrace it. And, sliding her hands over his body, go down to her knees. I take out a member of the trousers and passed it to his mouth. I see the customer face that he was surprised agility assertive stand prostitutes - a teenager. But, I surprised pleasantly. Sitting on the bed - gives me a free hand. I'm not upset him.
My lips flutter over the penis like butterflies in the air. Kiss, lick, I suck, attach all your skills in order not to lose face in front of a foreigner. I'd like to return home, he told his friends: "Do you know what I'm there a prostitute fucked! The girl just a class. And how it sucks. But all the 16 years. " It is not known, he will praise me or not. The main thing now - to meet him. For a long time he did not hold. Fifteen minutes of my blowjob and cums in my mouth. However, many who stay at my suction - I was solving itself, of course if I give a free rein. Sometimes I want to quickly drink cum - then I, having put his skill, makes a guy cum quickly. And sometimes you want to suck up to infinity, then I I delay orgasm, not letting a guy cum. Client ends and gesturing to the bed.
I'm getting cancer. He nods and enters the term in my overworked vagina. His hands stroked my body, especially paying attention to my boobs and ass. Sometimes stopping them, and gently squeezing. I like. Touches are tender, tasty cum, dick fuck beautiful and excellent. Knocks me sideways. Looking into my eyes - fuck my pussy, his hands rummage for boobs and belly. Fuck did not last long. Thirty minutes. Changing sometimes poses. Lying in a conventional missionary position, I feel that his penis hardens and now he was in my face in me. Cum flies and dripping on my chest, neck and face. Clearly expressing his admiration for the client and worn out. I'm pleased I lay down on the couch, resting for five minutes and go to give himself up for the next customer.
This is my time has not ended. But history is silent about it. For if I describe all of its customers for the day - just bored readers to read, as I fucked the rest of the working day.
And the next day I was special. I worked in three offices, the existence of which I told the hostess.
Dear readers, you are still interested in my stories? Or already tired of reading about my sex life?
Write to the whole. Dasha.
My wife and I married for more than 8 years. We have a child, a nice apartment, villa, car, money - in short, everything that can make happy our family is not yet old. Here we only Alla (my wife), every year more and more become friends and lovers less. Perhaps a pall to each other, but do not look for links on the side, because it is very appreciate each other and cherish our love. However, in bed, we only perform the conjugal duty, remembering with regret that the hot passions in the first years after the wedding, when did not get enough of each other, fell asleep just before dawn.
Probably, it happens at all, but to put up with this monotony, I (and Allah) not want, knowing what would come next indifference. But how to ignite this passion? We tried, we thought all the ways: fotokinosemku and erotic and exciting products from Sex Shop, even with trying to climb on the respective Internet sites. All these methods are only briefly leads us. We had something more radical! Then one day on one of the erotic forums, I saw that someone wants to attend Sergey intercourse spouses, and can also take it on video, and in general, to realize any fantasy. The thought that my Allochka will fuck me with a strange man, a member stood up and rang with excitement.
And the more I thought about this offer, the less generally accepted dogma weighed on my conscience. With friends, I did not want to categorically and there was a complete stranger guy who did not have to then re-build a relationship with us. He got what he wanted, and we would have no obligation to him. In a word, "... the Moor has done his work - the Moor can go ..!" I exchanged letters with him and even sent a photo (only clothing) my wife. He replied that he was happy with everything, and he already has some experience in this respect. He promised to help persuade Alla feel free to come up with his presence and it is for us new ways of excitation.
The only thing left to decide is with his wife and one night after drinking with her three glasses of brandy, I told everything. First Alla confused and flatly refused to even talk about it. But after two more shots, she embarrassed herself talked about what aroused my offer and we spent the night with her insane when in between sex, fantasizing on the subject more and more relaxed. In the following days, I continued to develop according to plans the evening, and finally heard from his wife agreed to a trial meeting. And though at the same time had a lot of reservations and prohibitions, it seemed to me that Allah is ready to even more than I expected from her.
Together we send Sergey reply by e-mail. He sent a message that in a week will be in our city on a business trip and asked us to send him home address. Address we decided not to give, but simply to meet him at the station and sending a son to his grandmother, to settle it from us for a couple of days. All the days before his arrival Alla and I was wildly excited and just attacked each other at night, continuing to dream and develop the theme of "the third is not superfluous." When Sergei came up to me at the station, I felt, if not jealousy, envy, so it was attractive to women man.
And when he came into our hallway, Alla blushed with pleasure and embarrassment, he suddenly hugged him strongly and even kissed on the lips. I did not expect such a reaction from her but again, without feeling jealous, felt a growing excitement and simply offered to undress and go to the table.
- What does undress? - Jokingly I asked Sergei, - I am ready .. Unless of course you are ready ...!
- Sure, not a problem! - Cried my Alia, and instantly threw off his robe, was only in panties transparent - but it (she showed up on them) the last rag should remove man's hands .. - Well, which one of you the bravest ?!
- Well, Andrew (as my name) - who are entrusted with this fascinating process as fun cried Sergey, at this point almost completely undressed.
- And why do not you! I want to see this shameless! - I said suddenly I started to undress too.
Naked Sergei went back to my Alla and began to deliberately slow to take off her panties. As if trying to help him, my slag rehouse turned to Sergei and grasped his shoulders became in turn raise their shapely legs. He stood in front of her, and when her panties were in his hands, his face inches from her smoothly shaved pubis.
Needless to say, that our members with him stood at "Attention!", By the way, his penis was significantly longer and thicker than mine. I laughingly pointed it out to Alla and Sergei quickly kissed her half-open vagina, which already glistened droplets of female arousal. I laughed again, without feeling any jealousy, and Allah with the words "That's not fair! He kissed me, and I'm not! "Tilted her head to the member Sergei and quickly swallowed his impressive head a couple of times sucked it and then let go.
I ofigel from it, but the events have taken place at such a rate that I just did not have time to intervene, and I could only laugh it off like "A cho so little! A man should be longer! ", These naughty invite to the table. After a few glasses of cognac constant atmosphere in our company completely discharged. Sergei spoke of the beauty of lovely toast Alla (and some parts of her body), and its huge "bolt" between her legs, tacitly confirmed this. I went for the camera, and when it came back into the kitchen, I saw a hand stroking Alla purple head Sergei member.
- Sergei! What's your big "boy"! And as soon as he can fit into a woman! That I would just could not! - Admired wife, trying to fully grasp the hand this "baobab".
- If your Andryuha want, you can easily check it, - answered Sergey, leering stroking her thigh, causing my missus flowed even stronger.
- As for the "easy" I would not say! Well, except that on the pillow and his feet ...
- As for Andrew, as if not specified! Like he does not mind, - I said maliciously clicking the camera flash to take off close-up playful hands of our guest, which is now stroking Alla ass.
- Andrew! I am joking! - Embarrassed wife, but did not let go of the "tool" of Sergei, but on the contrary was openly masturbate him - ... But if you tell me it's loose ... I'll be happy to take it ... I mean such a gift!
- The picture is great! Well going to do with you?!. - As if lost in thought, I murmured, stroking his free hand already ringing with excitement authority - Not allowed - and his wife do not sin ...
- And you, Andrei, take a chance! You'll see - it's an unforgettable sight, - said Sergey hoarsely and put his hand between the legs of Alla, immediately putting his finger into her vagina and starting to work as a member of it, why my wife moaned and spread her legs even wider.
- Yes, I see you already without me almost a fuck! - I told him, and seemed daring, he said, "So fuck off this bitch is! Now, I do want it! Only mind I myself I will give it your cock! "
- Oh-oh-oh! .. Lovely! .. You are the best husband in the world! - Cried my Alia - Let's go more in spalenki and you yourself razdvinesh legs ... I shall bring the member Sergei ... and give me your dick in my mouth ..!
Then it all happened in a blur. On the huge marital bed lay my Allochka itself apart and bent at the knees feet, inviting hospitality get into it expires juices "pussy."
Between her legs wide open, Sergei stood with one hand stroking his "knob" and the other fingers poke in slippery grease, flipping between the labia lips, forcing his wife moan and bend to meet our guest. On my command, Sergei went to Alla and they immediately started kissing frantically and I lifted her legs, his arm brought his cock to where it had been waiting for. Folds "grotto of love," my wife, despite her assurances, easy to take this huge ... "Bolt" and contentedly closed, tightly embracing and releasing it.
Continuing to kiss, Sergei began leisurely fuck Alla obediently sinking, on my command, when I photographed in different angles of the lovers. Gradually the rhythm of intercourse increased and I, throwing the camera simply watched as the male satisfy his passion, his feet of his wife on his shoulders and playfully beating her vagina. The head of the wife tossed on the pillow, and when a member of Sergei penetrated particularly deeply into the uterus, sounded hoarse moan and cry to mate females.
And when the male grunted and fell on her whole body began to descend, Alla grabbed his back legs and firmly pressed him to her, taking a last drop of his seed. As soon as Sergei tears with her, I took his place and immediately felt widely stretched vagina Alla and how much of it alien sperm. I almost did not feel the wall and could not finish, because sent his "horse" in the mouth of his wife and while she sucked him, our guest recaptured it and the second time we have lowered simultaneously.
I took a few pictures ottrahanoy and smeared with sperm wife, and then, Sergei left the kitchen to drink coffee, leaving the slut to lie on the bed like a used condom. About half an hour Alla appeared at the kitchen door. She has not wiped the sperm with our bodies, and all that flowed from her vagina, running down the legs and stain the white and sticky mass of the floor in the hallway. Wife swing like during a storm, foot, she could not fully move and if we had not caught her in the doorway, she'd have crashed to the floor.
But on the lips of her wandering smile of unearthly happiness and I, embracing her fuck and sticky sperm from someone else's body, suddenly I felt incredible warmth and tenderness to it, which seemed to have forgotten since the days of our acquaintance. I sat her down on his knees to Sergei, and he began to kiss her face, whispering that she is the nicest, the most beloved, and so on. D. Then the two of them bathed in the bathroom.
I'm making a couple of shots of this bathing gone to the kitchen to reheat dinner, and when he came to call them to the table and saw his incomparable Alia again firmly impaled on the "count" Sergey already pose "cancer." He waited until he facilitated in its bosom a new semen portion, we relish lunch and the three went to bed, and Alla course was in the middle, and after a while Sergei mastered her side, clutching to his chest, and I entered her amazing ass hugging both.
Only a thin film separated our members, when we both fuck Alla. It was so delicious that we could not for a long time to come, and when it happened we three merged into one, and for a long time could not break away from each other ...
So gone are the three days, the happiest in our family life. Sergei went in search of new adventures. Alla conceived from his sperm and had an abortion. And I once again looking on the internet to who re-disperse the melancholy of my family life, the perfect swing ...
Hello dear readers. Having worked in the genre of erotic story, and put it on this site, I was very surprised by the number of readers' letters to the feedback that came in my mailbox. And by popular demand - continue its history.
From the moment that Denis Artyom lowered I went almost a week .. I sat at home all day, leaving only the school and wincing every phone call. And when I began to hope that everything I dreamed it - he calls. Denis:
-Hello, Marinochka
-Well, hello, Dennis what he wanted?
-Slut, you think I forgot to talk to anyone! You'll be punished for it. Today at 19:30 waiting for you at my house ..
I have not had time to say anything in the tube short beeps rushed .. Until the evening I was tormented at home, but still went, thinking that they can show the video to some of my friends. At the same time, in my head start to creep into the treacherous idea that I go there not only because it is required .. me and most want to experience these strange and unusual sensations that I experienced last time. I got to the door and rang the bell. The door immediately opened. Artyom stood there, naked with already sagging member ..
-Ohhh .. We came damn. Why are you dressed so modestly? Would you still in school uniform has come! All. From that moment on I forbid you to go in anything other than short skirts and tops with cleavage.
-But I do not have a dress.
-Come on, talk.
I entered the apartment. On the couch, in addition to Dennis, I expect to see in principle, were still two guys. Absolutely unknown. they were all naked and sat nadrachivaya its members. My appearance caused them extreme joy:
-Ltd .. finally .. .. huesosochka juvenile - in different voices shouted guys
-Come here, girl, suck my dick - immediately offered Denis.
-Halt, Dan, not so fast - cut him Artem. First, we need to discuss our new slave outfit. and that this slut dresses like a nun. did not seem to fuck her mouth all who are not getting
-So what do you suggest?
-Well .. She says she has no clothes this whore .. maybe give her? That is to say with all my heart?
-Well, I do not mind .. You want it right now, right in the message store? I can not stand so much, I want to finish.
-No, well why have time now .. .. .. And now it seems your sister out there somewhere osheynichek was?
-Yes you are right - said Dan, and immediately left the room. in less than 30 seconds, he returned with a black collar in hand, who immediately struck up a very tight on my neck ... and strapped to his leash.
-Well, now is a real bitch turns out better than you can imagine - stated one of the unfamiliar and the guys came up to me .. I was .. then he looked at Artem .. Artyom kicked me under the knees and said:
-What are you, bitch do not understand? you brought here to you dicks sucked and did not stand here and lybilas. On your knees quickly and suck
I knelt down and took in his mouth a member of a stranger to me guy. Already familiar movements of the tongue began to lick the head and let the whole cock in her mouth as a whole .. felt that my neck pulls something on the leash. I released the dick out of his mouth, and saw that it Denis.
Wants to his penis and I am not deprived of attention .. I began to suck him again ... until she felt the tension of the leash ... so I sucked one by one, each several times .. This went on for hours until one of the guys did not finish on time I in your mouth. All wiped dicks on my hair ..
When they were satisfied, they allowed me to relax. while they themselves sat around the table and drank beer.
I lay on the bed and lay about an hour .. guys all the time drinking beer and something quietly talking and laughing .. While one of them (his name I do not know), stood up and walked to the door
-Where are you going? - Asked Artem.
-Yes, I want to piss - go to the toilet.
-You're what? You do not want to piss on our whore?
-Can i?
-Well, of course you can! Why not?
I did not realize that we are talking about me but when I realized that I want to do immediately began to beg them ..:
-Oh, please, boys .. Well do not ... well, do not immerse me so .. please ..
They looked at me with cold contempt ..
-Boys, please - I knelt down and started kissing his feet standing next .. Denis-please-please ..
He threw me going feet and said:
-I promise that you will be punished for a needless conversation with the owner? Think of it as a punishment. carry a whore in the bathroom
Two guys took me by the arms and legs, and brought into the bathroom .. That stranger immediately sent me a member. Artem and said:
-Wait, wait, it is necessary to remove the camera. and ran for the camera ..
He came back a minute later and point the camera at us ..
-Open your mouth and swallow piss bitch - said Denis .. and the guy started to piss.
In my face hit the hot jet of yellow fluid ... flowing down his cheeks, neck and chest.
-I said to drink, bitch - came to me the voice of Dennis.
I opened my mouth and I felt like my mouth pouring urine .. I began to swallow but it was a lot and I do not have time ... He finished. I was lying on the bottom of the tub the whole mess and gasped ..
While I have rested all the guys wanted to piss ... and Nassau on my chest .. face .. pissing all head to toe and left the bathroom .. I lay there for some time alone in a pool of urine .. then I got up and decided to take a shower.
When I washed, I sent a jet shower in the clitoris, and feel that I am very pleased ...
I have always masturbated home shower .. therefore know what it is .. and felt a very strong desire to finish, I sent a jet of his crotch, posing in front of his eyes as soon as I was humiliated .... when I began to shake in orgasm door suddenly opened - it was Artyom:
-Hey, guys, look! This whore like everything that happens, she won masturbates standing.
I could not stop and ended up under a stream of shower ...
when I finished and came out of the bath, near the threshold I was waiting 4 excited guy stroking their members .. I have no words sank to her knees and began to suck ....
An hour passed, and I felt in my mouth the taste of semen, Dan left the apartment, followed by the words: Tomorrow we meet at 17:00 at the store. odyozhku you will buy.
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